Alex Bruce

Alex Bruce

Who | Alex Bruce
Where | Prince Edward County, Canada
Current Bar | Drake Devonshire Inn
Past Bar(s) | Bestellen (Toronto), Farmhouse Tavern (Toront0), Marben (Toronto)
Favourite Spirit | Rye for the time being
Favourite Juice | Pineapple
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Last Word
Favourite Part of the Job | I love the people I work with at the Drake and the community within the industry, the passion and the drive to do something real nice. The view is pretty great too.
Favourite After Work Drink | Wine
Favourite at Home Drink | I like to
Favourite bar in the world | I love a handful of bars I’ve been to/part of through my travels but nothing is quite like being behind the wood watching the sunset at the Dev.
Best known for | ‘Has anyone told you that you look like Adam Levine?’
Best story from behind the wood | Is my mom going to read this? I’ll tell you sometime in person 🙂

What do you collect? Random stringed instruments and wine
Favourite thing about your city? It’s just so darn romantic. weather you are vacationing in Wellington or you live here, you get to experience a community of such wonderful people that are both intimately connected and diverse at the same time. It’s a pretty remarkable village.
What was the last photo that you took? Taking my daughter for her very first beach day.
Where was your last vacation? Living in the County is a total year round vacation… if you do it right 🙂
Any claims to fame? The Margaroni, hands down.

Belt or suspenders? Belt
Fernet or Cynar? Fernet all day
New Orleans or New York City? New Orleans
Glass or Tin? Glass in the streets, Tin in the sheets.

Are you available for freelance gigs? Possibly…

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