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Cocktail: Darwin’s Demise | Bartender: Emily Copeland

I created Darwin’s Demise in September 2017 for Mulberry Bar. I was experimenting with a cocktail called The American Trilogy (2007) from the New York bar Little Branch. It uses orange bitters, Applejack, Rye and sugar. In Darwin’s Demise, the orange bitters and Calvados (French apple brandy) make it a nice ‘juicy’ drink; fino sherry adds…

Cocktail: Springtime | Bartender: Eddy S Trenidad

You ever eat Tulips before? Well the dutch did.. really in the hunger winter, the winter 44/45, that’s when they had to eat tulip bulbs. Before that you could get things in the shops with coupons but in that hunger winter nothing at all was available. All that there was to eat got confiscated by…

Water Shortage in Cape Town, South Africa

Let’s be honest for a minute, bars and restaurants are pretty inefficient when comes to environmental awareness. Steps are being taken everywhere to improve on this and in Cape Town there isn’t much of a choice. I met Ray Endean on a Havana Club Rum trip last year and picked his brain about the cocktail…

Cocktail: La Connexió | Bartender: Williston Irvine

La Connexió is a cocktail that was created for Bacardi Legacy 2018 by Halifax based bartender, Williston Irvine. This cocktail won the Halifax Regionals and will be competing Nationally for the top Canadian spot in Miami this February. La Connexió is a strong, delicate, stirred drink that features Bacardi Ocho Años. The ingredients that are…

Cocktails with Oaxacan Ingredients

Hey Bartender Atlas devotees, here’s something you might not know: before I started dedicating all my online time to this glorious website, I ran my own blog (don’t bother looking for it, it’s long gone). It was mostly cocktails but a lot of music and TV stuff too. But mostly cocktails so I am super…

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Water Shortage in Cape Town, South Africa

Water Shortage in Cape Town, South Africa | Bartender Atlas

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