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Cocktail: The Bel-View | Bartender: Kayla Douglas

Using my favourite vodka, Belvedere. I decided the spirit was my going to be my inspiration. The meaning behind belvedere is, in short form, a Fair View. I wanted a cocktail that reminds me of sitting on a deck on a beautiful spring day, something light, floral, and refreshing. With spring right around the corner…

Cocktail: White Lies | Bartender: Davide De Ciantis

One of my favorite spirits is Baijiu. However, little is known about this Chinese spirit… it’s flavour profile and aroma are quite difficult to work with due to its sweet aroma and sharp almost barnyard flavour…to me it closely resembles a French cider or a fine aged cheese. Regardless, I was determined to create a…

Cocktail: GDP | Bartender: Trinh Quan Huy-Philip

GDP, “Gross Domestic Product,” is the best way to measure a country’s economy! The GDP cocktail is named after the combination of three key ingredients, Genever, Drambuie and Peychaud’s Bitters. Like the Dutch Golden Age, the spirit of this Genever is based on the Islay Cask finish. GDP is inspired by one of the classics,…

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