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Cocktail: Manitoba Made | Bartender: Shelby Linden

I crafted this drink to celebrate Canada’s 150th. With use of a roasted Rhubarb-Saskatoon syrup, which grows wild all over the prairies. As well as Tall Grass Gin which is a floral Gin made here in Winnipeg! 1.5 oz Tall Grass Gin 1 oz Roasted Rhubarb-Saskatoon Syrup 1 oz Lemon Juice Egg white Dry shake,…

Cocktail: Not Yet! | Bartender: Rod Redford

This cocktail with bar waste in mind. Named “Not Yet!” as in we are not yet done with this. It brings inspiration from Hacienda and the movement to take care of our planet through sustainability. In our bars and kitchens we throw out so many things before using them to their full potential. in my…

Cocktail: Mato Grosso | Bartender: Joseph Plant

El “Mato Grosso” describes a region in the Brazilian Amazon. In the non-fictional book, “The Lost City of Z”, Percy Fawcett is close to discovering El Dorado, the city of gold. He had chartered most of South America from 1905-1925 and disappeared during his great quest inside Mato Grosso – the most impenetrable section of…

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