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Cocktail: GDP | Bartender: Trinh Quan Huy-Philip

GDP, “Gross Domestic Product,” is the best way to measure a country’s economy! The GDP cocktail is named after the combination of three key ingredients, Genever, Drambuie and Peychaud’s Bitters. Like the Dutch Golden Age, the spirit of this Genever is based on the Islay Cask finish. GDP is inspired by one of the classics,…

Cocktail: Scottish R&R | Bartender: Nick Incretolli

This cocktail was one of my entries for the Restaurants Canada Show 2018: Beyond the Rail – Innovative Bartender competition. The theme we had to play with was sustainability. Between the three cocktails we had to make for the competition my goal was to try and produce as little waste as possible be reusing things…

Cocktail: Golden Eight | Bartender: Sim Sze Wei

An equal parts rum sour created to tell a story of my life as a bartender. Following my passion and dreams despite family objection, being told to leave my home and leaving a 10 years old career in banking. Inspired by the belief and determination of the Bacardi family who fought through natural disasters and…

Cocktail: Darwin’s Demise | Bartender: Emily Copeland

I created Darwin’s Demise in September 2017 for Mulberry Bar. I was experimenting with a cocktail called The American Trilogy (2007) from the New York bar Little Branch. It uses orange bitters, Applejack, Rye and sugar. In Darwin’s Demise, the orange bitters and Calvados (French apple brandy) make it a nice ‘juicy’ drink; fino sherry adds…

Cocktail: Springtime | Bartender: Eddy S Trenidad

You ever eat Tulips before? Well the dutch did.. really in the hunger winter, the winter 44/45, that’s when they had to eat tulip bulbs. Before that you could get things in the shops with coupons but in that hunger winter nothing at all was available. All that there was to eat got confiscated by…

Cocktail: La Connexió | Bartender: Williston Irvine

La Connexió is a cocktail that was created for Bacardi Legacy 2018 by Halifax based bartender, Williston Irvine. This cocktail won the Halifax Regionals and will be competing Nationally for the top Canadian spot in Miami this February. La Connexió is a strong, delicate, stirred drink that features Bacardi Ocho Años. The ingredients that are…

Cocktail: Hop Fuzz | Bartender: Andrew Gizzie

It was summer so I combined the greatest three pleasures of warm weather, bourbon, beer & local peaches. 1 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon 1 oz Simple Syrup 3/4 oz Fresh Lemon 1 Egg White 4 oz Oast Peach Hefeweizen Garnish: Fresh Local Peach Slices Shake with ice (not beer), strain and top with peach Hefeweizen….

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