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Water Shortage in Cape Town, South Africa

Let’s be honest for a minute, bars and restaurants are pretty inefficient when comes to environmental awareness. Steps are being taken everywhere to improve on this and in Cape Town there isn’t much of a choice. I met Ray Endean on a Havana Club Rum trip last year and picked his brain about the cocktail…

Cocktails with Oaxacan Ingredients

Hey Bartender Atlas devotees, here’s something you might not know: before I started dedicating all my online time to this glorious website, I ran my own blog (don’t bother looking for it, it’s long gone). It was mostly cocktails but a lot of music and TV stuff too. But mostly cocktails so I am super…

Beefeater MIXLDN Canada Winner Jason Griffin

Beefeater MIXLDN is the biggest gin based cocktail competition on the planet. Currently in its 7th year and in dozens of countries, Beefeater MIXLDN challenges bartenders from all over the world to express their love of Beefeater through thoughtfully prepared cocktails. Originally from Ontario, Jason Griffin lived in Montréal for over ten years before moving…

Responsible Partying

T’is the season for overindulging! Too much food! Too much alcohol! All the fun! Work parties, family parties, friend parties. All the parties. And while I love a good celebration, I am also a fan of doing it all responsibly. We recently recorded a podcast with our pals at the Party Train Podcast on Responsible/Productive…

Jim Meehan and Meehan’s Bartender Manual

It was 2008, the first time I ever went to New York City. It was the first time in my life that I had the disposable income to travel and start seeing and doing things that always seemed like a joke to some broke punk kid. I had been working in the service industry for…

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Water Shortage in Cape Town, South Africa

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