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Adam D'Intino | Bartender Atlas

Adam D’Intino on Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers and the Dillon’s Cocktail Cup

In Ontario, there are few people in the drinks industry more in touch with what's really happening than Adam D'Intino ...
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Josh Davis, Brown & Balanced

Chicago’s Josh Davis of Brown and Balanced

When you spend time as a bartender, you meet people with all kinds of lifestyles. If you are lucky, you ...
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Areli Escotto | Bartender Atlas

Areli Escotto talks Beer Gardens and Cocktails in Mexico

Bar owner Areli Escotto is a force to be reckoned with. We recently spent nearly five weeks in Mexico with ...
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Marlene Thorne of Famous Last Words | Bartender Atlas

On Switching Careers and Opening a Bar with Marlene Thorne of Famous Last Words

If you live in Toronto, Marlene Thorne is a familiar face in the bartending world. She owns Famous Last Words ...
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Water Shortage in Cape Town, South Africa | Bartender Atlas

Water Shortage in Cape Town, South Africa

Let's be honest for a minute, bars and restaurants are pretty inefficient when comes to environmental awareness. Steps are being ...
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Cocktails with Oaxacan Ingredients | Bartender Atlas

Cocktails with Oaxacan Ingredients

Hey Bartender Atlas devotees, here’s something you might not know: before I started dedicating all my online time to this ...
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LUCIO Tailoring Co. | Bartender Atlas

Custom Aprons with Maria Galvan of LUCIO Tailoring Co.

I met Maria Galvan a few months ago when she was visiting our friend Jess Mili in Toronto. She was ...
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Beefeater MIXLDN Canada Winner Jason Griffin | Bartender Atlas

Beefeater MIXLDN Canada Winner Jason Griffin

Beefeater MIXLDN is the biggest gin based cocktail competition on the planet. Currently in its 7th year and in dozens ...
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Responsible Partying | Bartender Atlas

Responsible Partying

T'is the season for overindulging! Too much food! Too much alcohol! All the fun! Work parties, family parties, friend parties ...
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How Dubai Developed: A talk with Rebecca Sturt of Pineapple Consultancy

The skills that one grows and develops as a bartender are innumerable. Applying these skills to other jobs isn't always ...
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Foraging with The Botanist Gin | Bartender Atlas

Foraging in Toronto with The Botanist Gin

On a chilly and a little rainy morning in October we stood outside waiting to get on a bus to ...
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2017 World Class Bartender of the Year

2017 World Class Bartender of the Year Kaitlyn Stewart

Kaitlyn is a familiar face to us. She was one of the first bartenders to sign up to be listed ...
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Jim Meehan | Bartender Atlas

Jim Meehan and Meehan’s Bartender Manual

It was 2008, the first time I ever went to New York City. It was the first time in my ...
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Bacardi Legacy

Announcing: Bacardi Legacy

In 1862 Don Facundo Bacardi Masso invented a revolutionary style of rum: BACARDÍ Carta Blanca, and inspired 
the world’s greatest ...
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Our Visit to Antigua Distillery on RAT ISLAND!

As it stands, we at Bartender Atlas still have full time-jobs. Jess (in case you have never looked here) has ...
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Trash Tiki | Bartender Atlas

The Other Kind of Responsible Service – Kelsey Ramage of Trash Tiki

In a previous life I was a "tour manager" for punk rock bands. At the level the bands I worked ...
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Montreal Cocktail | Bartender Atlas

Montreal Cocktail

Bartender Atlas is all about community and we love supporting people in the industry doing cool things! The group of ...
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Drinking at a Resort | Bartender Atlas

Drinking at an All-Inclusive Resort

So you've just booked yourself one of those all-inclusive resort vacations. Maybe your cousin (or more likely an aunt or ...
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Cocktail Wonk | Bartender Atlas

Treating a hobby like a career with Matt Pietrek from Cocktail Wonk

Matt Pietrek is full of surprises. When you first meet him, you notice he is quiet and calm. He smiles ...
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Parts & Labour | Bartender Atlas

Chantelle Gabino on Doing What you Love (and BEES!)

Chantelle Gabino is one of those bartenders to watch out for. And not in a bad way. In a good ...
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Alexandr Gorokhovskiy | Bartender Atlas

Enjoying a Cigar (& Rum!) with Alexandr Gorokhovskiy

Alexandr Gorokhovskiy is a spirits expert that also smokes cigars. Or he is a cigar expert that works in the ...
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Alex Ross and the Evolution of Melbourne

Every city has fore runners of cocktail scenes. Those people that maybe without knowing it, have altered the direction of ...
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Hendrick's Gin World Cucumber Day | Bartender Atlas

Hendrick’s Gin World Cucumber Day

As June 14th approaches, the question on everyone's mind is: what to do for World Cucumber Day? A garden party? ...
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Erick Castro | Bartender Atlas

Creating your own culture with Erick Castro and Bartender at Large

Let's be honest, big cities get all the love. The cities that have decades or more than a century long ...
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Unique Bar Design with Hayden Scott Lambert of Above Board in Melbourne

On our recent trip to Melbourne we were told that we needed to find a man named Hayden Scott Lambert ...
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Bar Institute: We Jam Econo | Lindsey Johnson of Lush Life Productions

“Econo is an old concept. The punk rockers picked up on that, the idea of scarcity and just using what ...
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Grape Witches | Bartender Atlas

A Chat with Grape Witches

We at Bartender Atlas are big fans of people doing cool things. People who have great ideas and actually act ...
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Josh Harris of The Bon Vivants | Bartender Atlas

Seizing Opportunities & Building on Them | A Talk with Josh Harris of The Bon Vivants

In the present day service industry there are many avenues one can travel and maintain a career. The Bon Vivants ...
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Andrew Toplack | Bartender Atlas

A Night out with a Professional Appreciator: Dr Andrew Toplack

Every bar has regulars but it takes a special kind of person to be a regular at many bars. In ...
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The World of a Travelling Bartend | Bartender Atlas

The World of a Travelling Bartender

Why Travel? Why would you leave a bar you may have been in for years? Why leave the house that ...
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Ultimate Bartender Championship | Bartender Atlas

So you want to be an Ultimate Bartender?

You want to know what makes an Ultimate Bartender? Check this out! Becoming the Shao Khan of bartenders, bar managers ...
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Rocky Yeh | Bartender Atlas

How Can I Help You? A talk with Rocky Yeh

In an industry full of big personalities, there are few people as impactful as Seattle-based Rocky Yeh. If you have ever ...
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Going Your Own Way with Frankie Solarik of BarChef, Toronto

If you ask any bartender where you need to get a drink in Toronto, without fail the name BarChef comes ...
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Charlotte Voisey

Seminars and Education: A Talk with Charlotte Voisey

In the world of Cocktail Bartending, there a few people as well known and as well respected as Charlotte Voisey ...
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Wine: Not Just for Snobs | Bartender Atlas

Wine: Not just for Snobs!

When people find out that I’ve gotten certified as a sommelier, the response is often: “Have you seen that movie ...
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Donnie Wheeler | Bartender Atlas

21+ with Donnie Wheeler

To get better at anything requires a lot of hard work. Learning, practising, making mistakes and doing it all over ...
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Alcohol Over Consumption | Bartender Atlas

Alcohol (Over) Consumption

For the past thirty days, I have not consumed alcohol. Not a glass of wine. Not a shot of whisky ...
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Bartender Atlas

Part 3: Taking Action Against Sexual Assault in the Industry – This is Exactly the Problem

Please take time to read Part 1  and Part 2 of our Taking Action Against Sexual Assault in the Industry series ...
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Bartender H | Bartender Atlas

21+ with Bartender H

To get better at anything requires a lot of hard work. Learning, practising, making mistakes and doing it all over ...
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Angus Winchester | Bartender Atlas

21+ with Angus Winchester

To get better at anything requires a lot of hard work. Learning, practising, making mistakes and doing it all over ...
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Hold onto Your Ego | Bartender Atlas

Hold on to Your Ego – Character development for Bartenders

You may have bumped into an epistle that’s been floating around the bar-o-sphere with a bit of a tailwind of ...
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Dandelion Project

Part 2: Taking Action Against Sexual Assault in the Industry – Dandelion Project

Please take time to read Part 1 of our Taking Action Against Sexual Assault in the Industry series before continuing ...
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Part 1: Taking Action Against Sexual Assault in the Industry

It's now 2017. Yet, in this modern age - in this age of supposed freedom and equal rights, our industry ...
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How to Survive Holiday Season | Bartender Atlas

How to Survive Holiday Party Season

December is well upon us and the invitations are rolling in. It's Holiday Party Season and everyone (and their mother!) ...
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The Mint Trick

The mint trick that we are about to explore will change your life. Especially if you are into Juleps, Mojitos ...
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Mezcal production | Bartender Atlas

An Introduction to Mezcal (and how it differs from Tequila)

If you live outside of Mexico, you may not be familiar with mezcal, a spirit that has been really popping ...
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Pursuit OCR | Bartender Atlas

Take Care Of Yourself with Wil from Pursuit OCR

I can't speak for everyone that tends bar, but I love the rush of it all. The idea that you ...
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My Real Job(s) or What Does a Bartender Really Do?

The other day I sat mesmerized by a gif I sent a friend in a conversation anticipating her visit to ...
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MISFITSTUDIO | Bartender Atlas

Movement for Bartenders with MISFITSTUDIO

Any profession is hard on the body. If you sit at a desk in front of a computer for the ...
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Smuggler's Cove | Bartender Atlas

Smuggler’s Cove Giveaway

The best part about the Tiki revival that has been happening for the last 4-5 years is that it has ...
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The Power of our Education | Bartender Atlas

The Power of our Education

What an incredible time to be a bartender -- there are so many fantastic opportunities  already set up for us ...
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Bartender Atlas & Rogue Stories

Bartender Branding – How to Work the Web with Rogue Stories

Cocktail creation is an art – being able to imagine flavours, stylize drinks, and serve with a smile is a ...
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Winnipeg, Canada

The Winnipeg Cocktail Scene & The Roost Social House

Winnipeg, Manitoba is a city of almost a million people located fifteen minutes from the longitudinal centre of Canada. We ...
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Drinkable Genius

Transition from Bartender to Consultant

“Consultant” may be the new fashionable, catch-all title for the “Choose Your Own Adventure” humans out there, but it is ...
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The Crafty Bartender

Profile: The Crafty Bartender

It’s hard to believe that not that long ago it was difficult to find a great source to buy bitters, ...
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Bittered Sling

Lauren & Jonathan of Bittered Sling

There are literally thousands of bitter companies out there these days and many are doing some pretty great things. One ...
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From Bartender to Brand Ambassador

Bartender to Brand Ambassador

Two parts - Knowledge One part- Personality One part - Dedication Garnish with a sprinkling of hogwash. The perfect recipe ...
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Cocktail Emporium | Bartender Atlas

BYOB Cocktail Emporium, Toronto

You know what question I get asked most as a bartender (other than "What's good?")? "Where did you get those ...
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