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Cocktail: Peps Persson | Bartender Christina Veira

The Peps Persson cocktail is named after the Swedish 60s reggae artist and political activist. We wanted to combine very Scandinavian flavours and concepts (vodka, akvavit, vinegar as preservation technique)with more traditionally Caribbean flavours (mango, soursop, coconut). The cocktail also takes inspiration from a bizarro interpretation of wine tasting notes, specifically a California Chardonnay: dill and coconut from…

Christina Veira

Who | Christina VeiraWhere | Toronto, CanadaCurrent Bar | La Banane and Apt 200Past Bar(s) | The Harbord Room,  Snack Bar, Grace, LeeFavourite Spirit | ScotchFavourite Juice | GrapefruitFavourite Classic Cocktail | Vieux CarreFavourite Part of the Job | Creating relationships with customers especially introducing them to a new favouriteFavourite After Work Drink | RoséFavourite at Home Drink | San PellegrinoFavourite bar in the world | Lidkoeb (Copenhagen)Best known…

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