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The Boozy Bookshelf: Craft Cocktails by Geoff Dillon and Whitney Rorison

It’s Boozy Bookshelf time! This month Lucas of Famous Last Words Bar in Toronto reviews the beautiful Craft Cocktails: Seasonally Inspired Drinks & Snacks from Our Sipping Room by Geoff Dillon and Whitney Rorison. Familiarity can breed complacency. In my case, after reading dozens of cocktail books, it’s easy to be jaded about them and file them away…

David Hudyma

Who | David HudymaWhere | Toronto, CanadaCurrent Bar | Melrose on Adelaide and Famous Last WordsPast Bar(s) | The Cloak BarFavourite Spirit | ScotchFavourite Juice | PineappleFavourite Classic Cocktail | Penicillin and Paper PlaneFavourite Part of the Job | Introducing people to obscure cocktails and talking about the distillation process of scotch. Also the current trends of…

The Boozy Bookshelf: Best Cocktail and Bartending Books

Many months ago we asked our friend Marlene and Lucas of Famous Last Words in Toronto if they would be interested in reviewing cocktail books new and old for Bartender Atlas readers. In that time they have covered everything from independently published manager manuals to philosophy driven cocktail manifestos. It was been awesome and insightful….

How to Drink in Toronto

In the interest of transparency, it would be irresponsible for us to not start this series. Even with all the bartenders, interviews with industry leaders, cocktails, bar hops and stories, the most popular post on this site is the Drinking at an All-Inclusive Resort. We are surprised every week when we look at the web…

Cocktail: Bel Ami | Bartender: Marlene Thorne

This cocktail is named after an 1885 novel by Guy de Maupassant: Bel Ami. It was created for the Giffard West Cup Toronto Regionals competition – which I won – so carries the theme of ‘Less is More’ all the way through to the alcohol content… this is meant to be a low-ABV sipper. I…

Giffard West Cup 2019 Toronto

Cocktail Contest: “Less is More” Monday, March 25th 5pm at Spirit of York (Distillery District, Toronto)   UPDATE: Competitors have been announced for this! This event is open to the public. Come down to cheer on the competitors (and have a cocktail or two!) The following bartenders will be competing in this comp:Maria Paterakis –…

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