Bartender AtlasWhat is Bartender Atlas?

How many social media posts that start with “I’m going to (insert city on other side of the globe here), where do I go to eat/drink/get a cocktail/find cool things around the city?” have you seen?

Bartender Atlas filters out the noise for you. We all know that a good bartender is better than any online review or tourist guide. By looking at our website, you already know someone in the city you are visiting. While you are sitting across from them ask what else you should be doing in that town, or where they would be if they weren’t working (but please don’t be a creep). these people have shared this information, in their own words.

We believe in community. A community of people make this wacky world a stronger place The community of bartenders is a strong one. Bartenders are generally chatty folk with a little bit of knowledge about a lot of things, especially in their hometowns. Go visit them, you can find them here.

You can also read more about the origin of Bartender Atlas here.

In addition to this here website, we also run events around the world. We have also partnered with The Drake Hotel to present TORONTO COCKTAIL CONFERENCE that will take place in our home city from August 13-15. We would love to see you there.

Who made this?

Josh Lindley is a Toronto based bartender. He has no desire to keep writing this in the third person. For the last 11 years I have made drinks and run bar programs at places like Bar Isabel, Campagnolo and The Drake Hotel. I even worked with Hendrick’s Gin as a Brand Ambassador for a short stint. I have attended Camp Runamok twice and Tales Of The Cocktail and Tales On Tour…some times. I have done guest spots in Mexico City, Montreal and Vancouver. I run my own (mostly) booze related website too. You may have seen my face on a bar near you (see left).

Jessica Blaine Smith is a photographer. She has a hard time sitting still between capturing all of the incredible moments of peoples’ lives. She has shot professionally in places like France, The Dominican Republic, Miami, New Zealand and Australia. When not taking photographs for a living she travels to cities she has never seen before and drinks cocktails she has never heard of before. (And yes, naturally she took most of the photos – besides the bartender portraits – on this website. And you bet she is available for freelance commissions! Holler!)

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Bartender Atlas is a worldwide community of bartenders created for bartender and cocktail lovers alike.

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