Orrefors Glassware Cocktail Competition


When Orrefors reached out to us about doing a cocktail competition using their glassware to take place at the William Ashley store in Yorkville, we were excited! The idea of doing a cocktail competition where one of the criteria was to showcase its vessel was exciting and something we had not seen before. Bacardi became our spirit sponsor with their premium spirits. Participating bartenders were gifted one of the spirits as well as a set of glassware that they needed to use. We documented this gifting to share on our social streams as further promotion for the competition. Each bartender was also later photographed at their bar with their cocktail creation. Further creating content for the competition and participating brands. William Ashley invited their customers to the event where guests got to try the cocktails and hear about them from the bartenders. One winner received a trip to Sweden, the home of Orrefors.