Toronto Cocktail Conference


Toronto Cocktail Conference is our biggest event each year. The idea to do TOCC came about in 2017 when our friends at Lush Life Productions reached out to us to take over the execution of their Bar Institute Toronto… with 10 days notice! We quickly jumped in, creating programming and working with their sponsors to make the event a success. From there, we realised that Toronto could use it’s own dedicated cocktail conference aimed at bartenders and industry professionals and TOCC was born with our co-founders Gord Hannah and Jon Humphrey. TOCC is the largest cocktail conference of its kind in Canada. In 2018, we launched our first multi-day conference that included 20 seminars and a whole bunch of brand activations and parties. In 2019 TOCC grew even larger hosting 300+ ticket holders from around North America. The pandemic forced us to take TOCC 2020 online as a webinar series throughout the month of August. In 2023, we brought back a smaller version of the conference, SMALL TOCC, that hosted 100 ticket holders and 3 seminars as well as a closing party. We are happy to say that TOCC is coming back in 2024 as 2 full days of seminars and brand activations by our sponsors from August 12th to 13th.

Bartender Atlas tasks for TOCC include:

  • Promoting conference to get speakers interested in participating and to get ticket holders interested in attending.
  • Organising schedule of conference
  • Working with brands to secure sponsorship. Once secured, working with them on their contribution towards TOCC.
  • Working with the TOCC committee of industry professionals to choose the seminars for TOCC.
  • Working with our team of Trash Pandas (extra hands) throughout the conference
  • Selling tickets for TOCC
  • Payment to speakers and Trash Pandas for their work