What We Do

Between the two of us working behind the scenes at Bartender Atlas, we have a lot of skills! Jess is a professional photographer who has been running her own business since 2003. Her camera has taken her all over the globe from New Zealand to Trinidad to Miami photographing literally thousands of people, events, cocktails and everything else in between. She works with all kinds of clients from multi-million dollar corporations to individual entrepreneurs. She also has skills in technology to do things like build this website, track analytics and run our social media streams. She is knowledgeable in this ever-changing world of social media and stays on top of what is current. Josh has a background in broadcasting and before becoming a bartender, he was on-air at a pretty big radio station. From there he toured with bands across Canada and the USA before settling in Toronto in 2005 to focus on becoming a bartender. He has worked as a Canadian National Brand Ambassador and has been featured as a cocktail specialist on various TV programs and in many magazine features. He has also guest bartended all over the world, including Mexico City, Ottawa and Melbourne, Australia. He was part of the pilot program for the WSET Spirits Level 3 program. We have traveled to 33 different distilleries around the world and our clients include Campari Canada, PMA Canada, Corby Spirit & Wine, Bacardi Canada, Philippe Dandurand Wines Ltd, Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits and Beam Suntory Canada.

We know that not every brand has big budgets for marketing and putting on big events. We are happy to work with your brand to help execute your event in a way that surprises and delights your guests but doesn’t necessarily require hiring a full time marketing team or a PR firm that doesn’t share your vision. Due to our continued on the ground involvement in the bartending community (we go out and taste a lot of cocktails and we meet a lot of great bartenders and industry members along the way!), we have great insight into what is happening in the bartending/cocktail community. Our involvement, promotion and coverage of your event is valued higher than a firm that also works with car companies or big box stores.

We have worked with various brands to help facilitate tastings, cocktail competitions and master classes. Between Josh’s skills with working behind many different bars and Jess’ skills working at various events for the past 15 years, we are able to help facilitate events that run smoothly and on-time. We are able to organise the entire event that could include things like securing venues, organising details with the venue, promoting the event to get people in the door, setting up for the event, collecting tickets, documenting the event through still photography, posting live stories on Instagram and being there throughout to ensure that everything runs well. We will be at your event, interacting with participants and attendees in a meaningful way. Josh is also available to host, MC or “teach” a class (we like to call it “Story Time with Josh”!). Basically, we can do it all and we can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need. All we want is everyone enjoying themselves and that your goals for the event are met. We have an extensive email list of engaged bartenders who we regularly reach out to about upcoming events and activations.

Photography & Image Consulting
Jess is available for all of your photography needs whether that be product shots of your new spirit, beauty cocktail images or documenting any event that you may be hosting. After the event, you would be provided with the final retouched images to use for all of your promotional and marketing needs. She also helps brands and bars/restaurants build their vision so that they can communicate with their clients and customers what their message is. Through photography,  Jess is also able to assist you with the aesthetics of your brand. She can help you create and plan content for your social media streams. (That BFA in Photography really comes in handy!)

Cocktail Creation
With Josh’s years spent behind a bar and working with a wide variety of ingredients he is adept at creating cocktails for your brands to offer as signature serves. From 3 ingredient tipples for beginners, all the way clarification and fat-washing Josh, or any of the other 3500 bartenders on the website are capable of creating cocktails for whatever you might need.

Consulting & Bar Staff Training
Josh has worked in venues ranging from night clubs to 30 seat restaurants to hotel lobby bars. He can use that experience to help you design and execute a cocktail program you can be proud of. Whether you are interested in having a prohibition era cocktail list or a something more modern and culinary focused, he will work with you to get what you are going for and to help your staff understand and care about what it is they are serving.