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The past year and a half have been bleak. Bars and restaurants were closed for more than 360 days. We have been slowly emerging and felt that it is time to celebrate by doing a BAR HOP (or two)!


Bar Hops are a fun way to experience some bars that may be new to you and to drink cocktails that may be something that you normally would not order. They work best when you grab a few friends or a date and make a good go of it! It’s a fun way to get out and to experience our city.


Choose a date to do your bar hop, organise your friends and get ready to roll! Each Bar Hop has four different stops and each has a featured cocktail. When you arrive, let the person working know that you are on the Bartender Atlas Bar Hop. They will then give you a secret sealed envelope that contains information about the featured cocktails and where you are to head next. Order your cocktails (and perhaps a bite to eat), enjoy your time. Then when you are ready, head on to the next stop.

There are no tickets necessary to participate in this. It is a self-lead Bar Hop. The only cost to you is the cocktails and food that you consume at the establishments.

The following Bar Hops will run from September 9th until September 30th.

We have created two different Bar Hops in Toronto that we would love for you to participate in. Choose what style works best for you and have a great time.

Choose your BAR HOP:




Toronto Bar Hop | Bartender Atlas

Recommendations for making your night great:

– Please drink responsibly.

– Please be respectful of the policies of the establishment.

– Please be respectful of the measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic including capacity limits per table. Please review the Government of Ontario website for the current guidelines: 

– Your participation in the Bar Hop does not guarantee a place at the establishment. Keep in mind that due to the pandemic, all establishments are working with a smaller capacity than in the before times. You may have to wait to get a table (or pop into a nearby place to grab a quick soda while you wait!). The availability at the establishment will vary. We highly suggest visiting not at peak hours.

– The featured cocktail highlighted on the Bar Hop is a recommendation by us. Feel free to also try other food and drink at the establishment.

– If you have never done a Bar Hop, we recommend reading this blog post that will give you some tips to do it well: HOW TO DO A GOOD BAR HOP.



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Toronto Bar Hop | Bartender Atlas


Please drink responsibly.