Adaina Smyth

Adaina Smyth | Bartender Atlas

Who | Adaina Smyth
Where | Toronto, Canada
Current Bar | Queen and Beaver Public House
Past Bar(s) | Reds Midtown TavernNorth & Navy (Ottawa), Tableau Bar Bistro (Vancouver), CinCin Ristorante + Bar (Vancouver)
Favourite Spirit | GIN!! Hands down the best dynamic spirit around
Favourite Juice | Ruby Red Grapefruit. Great acidity with a subtle sweetness
Favourite Classic Cocktail | The Negroni. So many different ways and varieties of making it. But, you can never go wrong with a triple crown of classic cocktails, 1-1-1
Favourite Part of the Job | The guests! They are the reason I challenge myself everyday to provide the best unique experience for each person. Everyone has a different palate and taste buds. My job is to cater to their needs and expectations before they even know what they want. My favourite is when I provide beverage pairing with their meals and give them something they would never even think to order, but surprise them and show how beverage can enhance a meals, despite their likes or dislikes
Favourite After Work Drink | Wine. As I’m currently studying for my WSET, I been focused in learning and tasting any many wines as possible.
Favourite at Home Drink | Once again, the Negroni. You can never go wrong.
Favourite bar in the world | Uva Wine Bar (Vancouver) – the best female bartenders have or do work there and it’s my old stomping ground. Sabrine is the best 😘
Best known for | I’m known for providing unique experiences for each guest. Whether you are yearning for a classic/original cocktail, the perfect pairing with your meal or just want to talk about your favourite spirit, I want every guest at my bar to have their every need met and surpassed before they even know what they want. All our guests are special and deserve the best with absolutely zero discrimination or profiling of social status or origin. I train all my bartenders with the same mentality and execution of service
Best story from behind the wood | I was working at a hotel and had a family come in during a quiet/empty afternoon. I served them water as they said they were waiting for their room. They asked my name and introduced me to their children. We talked about origins and family for 20+ mins before they were called to their readied room. When they left, I asked my manger who they were. He simply said “know the song ‘Summer of 69’?” I was stunned, as I wasn’t even aware that I served and chatted with Bryan Adams, my idol growing up…

What do you collect? I am obsessed with coasters. I have a wall in my apartment covered with coasters from every bar I’ve ever gone to…
Favourite thing about your city? The diversity of Toronto. There are so many cultures, races and perspectives that live and work on a daily basis. I love meeting people from all over the world and learning about them and their lives. They inspire daily and indirectly push me to learn more and challenge myself.
What was the last photo that you took? Earlier tonight during my best friend’s birthday dinner.
Where was your last vacation? I’ve had many 2-3 day vacations over the years. But, my last full week vacation was 5 years ago in Los Vegas. I met my family there. We went to shows, ate lunch and helicoptered over the Grand Canyon, shopped and I gambled a tad. Was up $700 before I left.
Any claims to fame? I can make farting noises with my armpit and provide answers to all questions (Thanks to Google…You can’t tell anyone though, promise?) I kid! Have participated during Negroni Week a bunch of times, wrote a few recipes for Vancouver Sun and was on TV during the Olympics (Olympics morning TV: Darren Jones interviewed me about Lindsey Vonn on Sports Illustrated cover).

Belt or suspenders? Both! Suspenders pull pants up oddly and belts looks incomplete for some reason. It’s really all about the armbands!!!
Fernet or Cynar? How can you be so cruel to make me choose. I love both equally. Although, Fernet Menthe is hands down the best in a Toronto… Try it, and I guarantee you’ll never go back 😉
New Orleans or New York City? Once again, how can you choose. They are both the best in my books!
Glass or Tin? Tin all the way! They help in reducing the temperature of a shaken cocktail and they don’t shatter during service (thank God! Otherwise, we’d go through many glass shakers in a night of service)

Are you available for freelance gigs? But of course! I’m already a Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS) and plan to be a Sommelier and Ciceron within the next 2 years so I can be a beverage consultant or own my own bar..
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