Amanda Young

Amanda Young | Bartender Atlas

Who | Amanda Young
Where | Toronto, Canada
Current Bar | Writers Room
Past Bar(s) | LBS Wine and Seafood Bar, Cru Restaurant, Kasa Moto
Favourite Spirit | Gin
Favourite Juice | Pineapple
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Paper Plane
Favourite Part of the Job | I love coming into work and knowing that no day is going to be the same. I love feeling confident in myself and my creativity, I LOVE convincing guests to let me create something off the cuff, while only going off of 1 HARD NO ingredient. I think feeling in your element at work is such a blessing and I don’t take it for granted.
Favourite After Work Drink | Red wine
Favourite at Home Drink | Whiskey Sour OR Gin+St Germain & Tonic
Favourite bar in the world | Mother Cocktail Bar
Best known for | My smile, my Espresso Martinis & my Mocktails!
Favourite “at work” memory | Doing an impromptu cocktail demonstration and tasting, and having one featured in Variety Magazine

What do you collect? Coffee Mugs
Favourite thing about your city? The culinary scene. I went to Europe and back never eating seafood until my one of the best chefs (and best friends) in the city opened my eyes to food and flavour.
What was the last photo that you took? My cat crushing my chest at 7am.
Where is one place that you have never been but would like to travel to? Japan & Hong Kong. Bucket list of bars and restaurants to check off.
Any claims to fame? Survived a dog attack and getting hit by a car while walking. I’m basically a super hero.

Prosecco or Cava? Prosecco
Angostura or Peychaud’s? Ango
Singapore or San Francisco? Singapore
Grapefruit or Pineapple? Love both. Has to go to Pineapple.

Are you available for freelance gigs? Absolutely!
Find them: Instagram
Media: Writers Room Instagram Reel