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Who | Anne-Marie Bungay-Larose
Where | Dartmouth/HalifaxCanada
Current Bar |  The Watch That Ends The Night
Past Bar(s) | The Middle Spoon and Noble
Favourite Spirit | Every time I drink it, I am reminded, Mezcal
Favourite Juice | Grapefruit
Favourite Classic Cocktail | To make: Old Fashioned. To Drink: Margarita
Favourite Part of the Job |That each day is different: Creating a cocktail on the fly for a dear friend; And all the wonderful humans I get to connect with from around the world.
Favourite After Work Drink |Paper Plane lately
Favourite at Home Drink |Gin & Soda with lime (because no shaking required!)
Favourite bar in the world | The Pastry War (Houston, Texas)
Best known for | Nerding out about whisk(e)y and serving cocktails in tea cups.
Best story from behind the wood |The only thing I can think of are all the inside jokes and goofy, ridiculous shenanigans that we get up to behind the bar. Loving what you do for a living and the people you do it with is an incredible gift.

What do you collect? Agave spirits (I am close to having the largest collection on the East Coast of Canada!).
Favourite thing about your city? The contrasting seasons, the tight knit community, and the perfect balance between small town and big city feel. And living next to the fierce and wild Atlantic Ocean is pretty enthralling.
What was the last photo that you took? A photo of some plants at a shop (I have been attempting to improve my green thumb)
Where was your last vacation? Dubai, UAE
Any claims to fame? Nah

Belt or suspenders? Suspenders
Fernet or Cynar? Cynar definitely
New Orleans or New York City? New Orleans
Glass or Tin? Tin

Are you available for freelance gigs? No
Find her: Instagram

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