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Who | Aviva Rosnick
Where | Toronto, Canada
Current Bar | Bar Mordecai
Past Bar(s) |  The Gift Shop, Sweaty Betty’s, The Drake Commissary, Tennessee Tavern
Favourite Spirit | Scotch, Rum, Amaro
Favourite Juice | Grapefruit
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Gin Martini, Caipirinha, Tipperary
Favourite Part of the Job | The constant influx of information, being creative
Favourite After Work Drink | Cynar
Favourite at Home Drink | Cynar or Scotch
Favourite bar in the world | Oak & Ivy and Atomic Liquors (Las Vegas), Bovine Sex Club (Toronto)
Best known for | Small hands, long toes, saying weird stuff.
Best story from behind the wood | Thats a tough one. Please let me come back to this one at a later time. Thank you.

What do you collect? Bakelite, Trash, Clip on Earrings, Plastic Rats, Kentucky Ties and Monsters
Favourite thing about your city? The museum has a bat cave and the sidewalks are pretty wide.
What was the last photo that you took? My dog, Scully
Where was your last vacation? San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Any claims to fame? Burlesque dancing bartender… but no real claims to fame.

Red or White? White
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Cointreau
London or Paris? London
Glass or Tin? Tin

Are you available for freelance gigs? Sure
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