Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton | Bartender Atlas

Who | Billy Hamilton
Where | Toronto, Canada
Current Bar | Bellwoods Brewery
Past Bar(s) | Sneaky Dee’s
Favourite Spirit | Chartreuse
Favourite Juice | Lime
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Last Word
Favourite Part of the Job | Introducing non beer drinkers to sour beer
Favourite After Work Drink | Jutsu
Favourite at Home Drink | Cantillon Kriek
Favourite bar in the world | In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst (Eizeringen, Belgium), Himmeriget (Copenhagen, Denmark), The Communist Daughter (Toronto, Canada)
Best known for | Nerding out on beer
Best story from behind the wood | Probably serving a beer to a musician while their album was playing in the bar….it seemingly happens all the time.

What do you collect? Lambic, glassware, vinyl records
Favourite thing about your city? Decide on the B-side
What was the last photo that you took? A photo of this German Pilsener for my Untappd check-in
Where was your last vacation? Copenhagen, Denmark

Red or White? White
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Cointreau
London or Paris? London
Glass or Tin? Glass

Are you available for freelance gigs? I’m most likely not in town!