Brant Porter

Brant Porter | Bartender Atlas

Who | Brant Porter
Where | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, which is the unceded territory of the Lək̓ʷəŋən (Songhees, Esquimalt, WSÁNEĆ) peoples
Current Bar | Humboldt Bar and Bartholomew’s Public House
Past Bar(s) | Veneto (RIP), Little Jumbo
Favourite Spirit | Team! Wait, eau de vies. No, team.
Favourite Juice | Lime, freshly squeezed
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Martinis & Whisky Highballs
Favourite Part of the Job | Connection with the world and the people within it.
Favourite After Work Drink | A Lovely Pint of Guinness
Favourite at Home Drink | Micheladas or wine with friends
Favourite bar in the world | Martini Slut
Best known for | Ruining your favourite bar, at least twice
Favourite “at work” memory | “Hey Mike, have you met my Dad before?”

What do you collect? Books on food & drink
Favourite thing about your city? The supportive hospitality community and my mum lives here.
What was the last photo that you took? My extremely sad breakfast
Where is one place that you have never been but would like to travel to? Japan
Any claims to fame? Trained the legendary bartender Michael Norbury how to show up to work on time. Sometimes.

Prosecco or Cava? Champagne
Angostura or Peychaud’s? Angostura
Singapore or San Francisco? I don’t wanna choose!
Grapefruit or Pineapple? … Grapefruit? This was the hardest question.

Are you available for freelance gigs? Hell yeah.
Find them: Instagram