Brian Griffiths

Brian Griffiths | Bartender Atlas

Who | Brian Griffiths
Where | Miami, FloridaUSA
Current Bar | Broken Shaker
Past Bar(s) | Bay Club
Favourite Spirit | Overproof Rum
Favourite Juice | Pineapple Juice
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Americano
Favourite Part of the Job | Talking trash while building mondo rounds.
Favourite After Work Drink | Stroh 160. Or just a Shot and a Beer
Favourite at Home Drink | Red Wine
Favourite bar in the world | Mai Kai (Fort Lauderdale)
Best known for | I’m not sure, you’d have to ask them.
Best story from behind the wood | I have never (maliciously or pointedly) insulted a guest from behind the bar, except on one occasion. It was the end of a busy Spring Break night, and we had been dealing with clown cars pulling up to the bar all night. We have a lot of stuff going on, on the bartop; Fruit bowls, display herbs from garden, a punch bowl, garnishes, etc. People love touchy touchy, and sometimes they’ll get away with something random, like a grapefruit. Well, someone managed to get outside of the bar with a grapefruit and do their best Roger Clemens impression right into a crowd at the bar. Somehow, through the amazing laws of physics, the grapefruit ended up giving me a sunkiss after bouncing off the bar. I was not happy. No one in the bar would fess up, and eventually security came through with management and isolated and interrogated. When we found out the culprit, a co-ed from somewhere in the deep south, she began to fling insults in the same way she had the grapefruit. In tired desperation and exasperation, I cried out in the most vicious insult that I have ever mustered from behind the bar, “Ya, you know what, YOU’RE A GRAPEFRUIT.” We closed out the dive bar next door after work, and I said way worse things to my coworkers who were very amused by my stupidity.

What do you collect? Health issues.
Favourite thing about your city? The ocean.
What was the last photo that you took? Plead the Fifth.
Where was your last vacation? Chicago, the land of eat and drink.
Any claims to fame? Clean Criminal Record

Belt or suspenders? Belt
Fernet or Cynar? Whatever you’re buying
New Orleans or New York City? New York
Glass or Tin? Tin

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes
Find him: Instagram
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