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Who | Chelsey Pottinger
Where | Ottawa, Canada
Current Bar |  n/a
Past Bar(s)SMITH Restaurant ,Fionn MacCool’s Irish Pub
Favourite Spirit | Scotch Whisky
Favourite Juice | Pineapple
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Sazerac
Favourite Part of the Job | Watching people enjoy new experiences.
Favourite After Work Drink | Boulevardier
Favourite at Home Drink | Boulevardier
Favourite bar in the world | Sous Sol (Winnipeg)
Best known for | Whisk(e)y knowledge
Favourite “at work” memory | A couple from USA came into my Winnipeg hotel bar and wanted to explore rye as bourbon drinkers. It was a quiet night and I got the opportunity to bring them through an entire proper tasting and educate them on several options and guide their tasting. They were ecstatic.

What do you collect? All books as well as old school bar tools.
Favourite thing about your city? That the community has so much room for growth.
What was the last photo that you took? A Fernet Branca lion bottle topper that I bought at a thrift shop to send off to some friends for bragging rights on my find! (Really!)
Where was last place you traveled? Nopiming Provincial Park
Any claims to fame? Starting to get a bit more into the community’s growth and promotion of other local talents.

Lager or IPA? IPA
Sparkling or Flat? Flat
Miami or Mexico City? Mexico City
Olive or Twist? Twist

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes
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