Chris Mons

Who | Chris Mons
Where | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Current Bar | Lockwood
Past Bar(s) | Hains&Co (Adelaide), Udaberri (Adelaide)
Favourite Spirit | Gin
Favourite Juice | Apple/Blackcurrant
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Rye Old Fashioned
Favourite Part of the Job | I love learning from the more experienced bartenders because not only does it further my knowledge, it allows me to share this with others and really express my passion for barwork. It’s also nice as a relatively new bartender to create a new cocktail for the bar that wins approval from the other bartenders.
Favourite After Work Drink | Orange juice, it feels so rewarding after a big night.
Favourite at Home Drink | Gin and tonic
Favourite bar in the world | Atlas (Singapore)
Best known for | Mojitos and Dad Jokes/Puns (the other bartenders at my workplaces have started to join in)
Best story from behind the wood | It was always a bit of a hassle to get a stepladder out to reach the top shelf; while on one side of the bar there was a rope you could climb, the other side was a bit of a challenge. So I used to do a little run up and leap onto my manager’s shoulders and reach the bottles. A rather unconventional way of retrieving bottles but it was always a bit of fun and the customer’s got to watch the acrobatic performance.

What do you collect? Cigar bands from all the cigars I’ve had
Favourite thing about your city? I only just moved here and I’ve really enjoyed the change of weather, I still have a lot to experience here so hopefully I’ll have an absolute favourite here.
What was the last photo that you took? Checking my camera the last file was a video of my bosses dog followed up by a photo of a gin and tonic.
Where was your last vacation? Morgan, South Australia
Any claims to fame? I once solved a rubix cube using just one hand

Red or White? Red
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Grand Marnier
London or Paris? London
Glass or Tin? Glass

Are you available for freelance gigs? I have done quite a few already, so definitely a yes!
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