Christos Tirzlakis

Christos Tirzlakis | Bartender Atlas

Who | Christos Tirzlakis
Where | Limassol, Cyprus, Europe
Current Bar | Madame Bar
Past Bar(s) | I started working professional in hospitality area almost 4 years ago madame bar where I work now.
Favourite Spirit | It depends on my mood … Tequila or Zivania for summer and Whisky or Rum in the winter.
Favourite Juice | Pink grapefruit and celery juice
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Sbagliato
Favourite Part of the Job | When the people don’t know what to order and I sell them on the best choice … It makes me feel extremely nice every time when it happens!!!
Favourite After Work Drink | Double peat whisky… any kind of smoky whisky.
Favourite at Home Drink | An aged rum with some woody notes.
Favourite bar in the world | If it’s not the bar that I work now it mean that I don’t have any!!!
Best known for | When I am in the mood to produce some crazy scenarios in a non stop funny/stupid conversations while we are working and usually my colleagues think that I lost my mind. Honestly I love their faces when I am doing it and sometimes I can not stop making up stupid scenarios ahahahahahahahahahahaha
Favourite “at work” memory | Was a very busy night and my colleague Charis was forgotten back to the laboratory and he was trying to arrange our equipment the Homogenizer …but probably something was broken due to the electrical outlet and the bar was having electricity black out!!! The funny part was that we had to run every time to put ON the button from the electricity table .It was kind of annoying…more than 3 time the electricity shut down, no lights, no music, no nothing and the bar was busy … So Charis said to us one week later that the homogenizer is broken and that’s why we was having black out …ahahahahahahahahaha he was scared and he was feeling guilty ahahahaha …Thanks God that nothing happened to Charis but we punished him in other way…!!!ahahahahahahaha

What do you collect? Seeds and bottles
Favourite thing about your city? Our multicultural diversity and the sea
What was the last photo that you took? In the bar that I work
Where was last place you traveled? Mount Olympus, Greece
Any claims to fame?  I am joining many bartending competitions because I like the gifts that they give to us,even if you don’t take a good place …you always learn from these events and you can grow up your experience …In my first competition I made the most complex cocktail that i ever made. I will never make again because the ingredients and the equipment that I used to produce it,was not easy and too complicated for one drink . It is very tasty but is difficult to made it.So after these I went to my second competition and I took the 3rd place at Diplomatico Rum in Cyprus . In my 3rd competition I WON the Jameson Whisky competition in Cyprus and I took the trophy to join the global competition in Ireland at Middleton distillery… Also at Real Syrups competition I took the 2nd place.

Lager or IPA? IPA
Sparkling or Flat? Sparkling
Miami or Mexico City? Mexico City
Olive or Twist? Olive

Are you available for freelance gigs? Of course I am open to freelance but it depends to the concept of it …
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