Dustin Costain

Dustin Costain | Bartender Atlas

Who | Dustin Costain (Flairbear)
Where | Toronto, Canada
Current Bar | Northern Maverick Brewing Co.
Past Bar(s) | The Contender, Linwood Essentials, Miss Thing’s, The Loose Moose
Favourite Spirit | Whisk(e)y
Favourite Juice | Grapefruit
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Southside
Favourite Part of the Job | Making people happy. (Drunk)
Favourite After Work Drink | Jameson & water
Favourite at Home Drink | Jameson & water
Favourite bar in the world | Carnaval Court (Las Vegas)
Best known for | Throwing things around and hopefully catching them.
Best story from behind the wood | Once I cut a guy off and he got so mad after we yelled at each other for a bit he picked up his barstool to throw at me and as he was about to chuck it my bouncer caught him in a choke hold and put him to sleep Thanks Ozzie.

What do you collect? I still have all my old concert/sports ticket stubs so I guess that’s a collection.
Favourite thing about your city? Lots of great bars/restaurants
What was the last photo that you took? A trophy from a NFL fantasy league that came into my bar.
Where was your last vacation? Costa Rica
Any claims to fame? I’ve won some flair competitions back in the day. Most notable was SuperFlair 2013. Also was to top ranked Canadian on the FBA pro tour for a bit.

Red or White? Red
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Cointreau
London or Paris? London
Glass or Tin? Tin

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yeah
Find him:  You Flair