Elisabeth “Biz” Dingivan

Elisabeth 'Biz' Dingivan | Bartender Atlas

Who | Elisabeth “Biz” Dingivan
Where | Seattle, USA
Current Bar | Barnacle
Past Bar(s) | Outlier, Circadia, Witness, Rocco’s, Tavern Law
Favourite Spirit | Agave (Tequila / Mezcal)
Favourite Juice | Lime?
Favourite Classic Cocktail | De La Louisianne
Favourite Part of the Job | Service Well, Saturday Night. Let’s go.
Favourite After Work Drink | Shot of tequila, glass of bubbles
Favourite at Home Drink | White or rosé wine
Favourite bar in the world | Literally any bar in New Orleans
Best known for | Effervescent Personality
Best story from behind the wood | Watched a sleepwalking member of the industry come in and piss on my bar. Good thing it was the end of service!

What do you collect? Vintage clothing
Favourite thing about your city? Beautiful, lots to do, badass industry folk who are supportive and driven.
What was the last photo that you took? Many things risqué from Runamok.
Where was your last vacation? I don’t think Runamok counts as a vacation, so previous to that: Havana, Cuba
Any claims to fame? 3 time alumnus of Camp Runamok

Red or White? White
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Dry Curaçao
London or Paris? Paris
Glass or Tin? Tin for shaking, glass for stirring

Are you available for freelance gigs? Absolutely
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