Etien Celzner

Etien Celzner | Bartender Atlas

Who | Etien Celzner
Where | Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Current Bar | The Glass House
Past Bar(s) | BarCelona Lounge Bar, The Brick Factory
Favourite Spirit | Rum
Favourite Juice | Orange
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Old fashioned
Favourite Part of the Job | I love to be able to create something new everyday and giving people an experience when they visit
Favourite After Work Drink | Irish Coffee
Favourite at Home Drink | Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Favourite bar in the world | Eau de Vie (Melbourne, Australia)
Best known for | Creating cocktails
Best story from behind the wood | This is a tough one….I’ll go with my most embarrassing. At one of my first bar jobs I got told by my boss at the time that a group of woman needed some help over the road at a cafe so I walked over there (not sounding shady at all) with one of the ladies, walking over there I thought it was just some help to move some boxes or something but I was so wrong as she explained to me that it was her friends hens night and they just wanted someone to come over and “dance”, me being a very self conscious 19year old I had no idea what to say or do. My heart was beating about a million miles an hour, we got over to the cafe and walked up the stairs to find about another 20 woman sitting there between the ages of 20-50. Having no clue what to do, the music started and I could tell the hen was embarrassed and everyone could tell how nervous I was. So as any nervous person would do I sensually took off my apron (still fully clothed) slow danced with her, gave a little twerk, got applauded, tipped and I headed back over to work and started pouring steins as though that hadn’t just happened. One of my other favourites happened where I am currently as I was making cocktails and listening to one patron try to explain to the other the reason why some people pronounce Espresso Martini’s as EXpresso martinis is because they make them very quickly…

What do you collect? Love collecting watches
Favourite thing about your city? It’s always growing, more and more bars and restaurants are continually opening making it always exciting to go out and try different things. Also the bar community down here is also very close.
What was the last photo that you took? Last photo I took was of my “Blonde Sunset” cocktail.
Where was your last vacation? Visiting family in Bosnia followed by a cruise from Athens to Barcelona.
Any claims to fame? Working on it slowly. Haha! Closest thing I’ve done would have to be competing at the Tas/SA Woodford reserve state finals

Red or White? Red
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Grand Marnier
London or Paris? London
Glass or Tin? Glass

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes
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