Jacqui Gourlay

Jacqui Gourlay | Bartender Atlas

Who | Jacqui Gourlay
Where | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Current Bar | Thomas Hinds Sampling Room
Past Bar(s) | Langside Grocery, Rose Bar
Favourite Spirit | Bourbon
Favourite Juice | Lemon
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Rob Roy
Favourite Part of the Job | I love experimenting with different ingredients, flavours, and presentation styles to create something truly special.
Favourite After Work Drink | Bourbon soda
Favourite at Home Drink | Gin soda
Favourite bar in the world | Civil Liberties (Toronto)
Best known for | My ability to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere at the bar
Favourite “at work” memory | Once while I was working at Langside Grocery, we hadn’t yet set up the espresso machine. A regular customer who was always asking for espresso at the end of his meal came in, and I stepped out for 10 minutes to run down the street and grab him a coffee. He was so appreciative and I loved being able to make his day.

What do you collect? Rocks glasses
Favourite thing about your city? The strong sense of camaraderie and collaboration that exists among the bartenders
What was the last photo that you took? Arctic Monkeys Concert
Where is one place that you have never been but would like to travel to? Montréal

Prosecco or Cava? Cava
Angostura or Peychaud’s? Angostura
Singapore or San Francisco? Singapore
Grapefruit or Pineapple? Pineapple

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes
Find them: Instagram
Media: The Alchemist – SIPPING WINNIPEG