Jayce Kadyschuk

Jayce Kadyschuk

Who | Jayce Kadyschuk
Where | Victoria, Canada
Current Bar | Clive’s Classic Lounge
Past Bar(s) | Bartended through my 20’s & early 30’s as a side job at a number of restaurants, cocktail lounge’s, neighbourhood pubs, night clubs and sports bars – spread between Edmonton and Saskatoon for about 15 years… then I decided to make it my profession and found my way to Clive’s in Victoria.
Favourite Spirit | Rum, Amaro, Mezcal or lately Grappa and, dare I say it, Malort.
Favourite Juice | Water
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Vieux Carré
Favourite Part of the Job | Constant creativity and personal development and the opportunity to share flavours in liquid form, engaging with guest in hopes of providing each individual with a memorable , noteworthy, cocktail experience.
Favourite After Work Drink | highball glass of something on tap.
Favourite at Home Drink | Any amaro, splash of lemon and soda, on ice
Favourite bar in the world | Backdoor43 (Milan)
Best known for | Probably making off the cuff cocktails… and coming in 2nd in cocktail competitions, like pretty much every single time. #bridesmaidforlife
Best story from behind the wood | while working at a neighbourhood bar I once caught a glass, casually & bare handed, hurled at someones head from across the bar while pouring a pint. Man I wish that had been caught on camera. #highlightfootage

What do you collect? Fancy glassware
Favourite thing about your city? Victoria has so many outdoor things to do 12 months of the year, allowing for a great work/life balance with a little effort. The pace of life is also great, I love spending time in bigger cities and could find myself doing well in them but the laid back approach to life here on the Island is fantastic.
What was the last photo that you took? took a photo of the whiteboard “pick up” list at work.
Where was your last vacation? Italy… thanks Campari!
Any claims to fame? I’ve had a few cocktails written about nationally and internationally over the past few years as a cocktail bartender, was also fortunate enough to have a cocktail selected by Gaz Regan in his 101 Best cocktails Vol.3. Also, as a part of the Clive’s bar team we were selected as a nominee for Top 10 Hotel Bars – TOTC 2014. There have been a number of articles and media spots along the way as well. I love what I do and sometimes as bartenders a spotlight comes our way with all events/competitions and general interest in what we do, but looking for attention isn’t why I make cocktails… obviously I do it for free trips 😉

Belt or suspenders? belt… please
Fernet or Cynar? shot-fernet, on ice-cynar
New Orleans or New York City? NYC
Glass or Tin? both, it depends what I’m looking for in temperature and dilution. I do prefer tin on the bar though… less chance of breakage in the well

Are you available for freelance gigs? Sure, if I have time.
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Media: Cookin’ on the Coast

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