Jenna Hemsworth

Jenna Hemsworth | Bartender Atlas

Who | Jenna Hemsworth
Where | Sydney, Australia
Current Bar | Restaurant Hubert
Past Bar(s) | Baxter Inn, Black Pearl (Melbourne), Vue de Monde (Melbourne), Bad Frankie (Melbourne), Cookie (Melbourne)
Favourite Spirit | Whisky
Favourite Juice | Creme de Cassis
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Coronation
Favourite Part of the Job | Mise en place
Favourite After Work Drink | Red Wine
Favourite at Home Drink | Rosé
Favourite bar in the world | Shady Pines Saloon (Sydney)
Best known for | Always being hungry
Favourite “at work” memory | It’s all a bit blurry to be honest.

What do you collect? Miniature alcohol bottles
Favourite thing about your city? The weather
What was the last photo that you took? Most likely of my cat. 100% of my cat.
Where was last place you traveled? Melbourne
Any claims to fame? First woman to win Australian Bartender of the Year.

Lager or IPA? Lager
Sparkling or Flat? Flat
Miami or Mexico City? Mexico City
Olive or Twist? Twist

Are you available for freelance gigs? Occasionally yes
Find her: Instagram
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