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Who | Jesse Torres
Where | Denver, Colorado, USA
Current Bar | American Elm
Past Bar(s) | Poka Lola Social ClubPalenque Mezcalería, Rosella at the Rand (San Antonio), The Esquire Tavern (San Antonio), Mezcalería Mixtli (San Antonio)
Favourite Spirit | Mezcal with Rum a very close second.
Favourite Juice | Guava
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Sazarac
Favourite Part of the Job | Making people smile and be happy!
Favourite After Work Drink | A very cold and crisp refreshing beer.
Favourite at Home Drink | Shot of Mellow Corn.
Favourite bar in the world | Bar High Five (Tokyo)
Best known for | As a lover of Mezcal.
Favourite “at work” memory | Making a drink for the girl who would later become the love of my life.

What do you collect? Rum, books, pins, and plants.
Favourite thing about your city? The mountains!
What was the last photo that you took? An awesome pin I received in the mail from The Amaro Life.
Where was last place you traveled? Las Vegas just a couple of months ago.
Any claims to fame? Owned and operated my own Mezcalería!

Lager or IPA? Lager
Sparkling or Flat? ALWAYS SPARKLING!
Miami or Mexico City? CDMX
Olive or Twist? Twist

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes
Find him: Instagram


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