Jordan Wiltshire

Jordan Wiltshire

Who | Jordan Wiltshire
Where | Calgary, Canada
Current Bar | Milk Tiger Lounge
Past Bar(s) | Native Tongues, Drum & Monkey, Ship & Anchor
Favourite Spirit | Mezcal
Favourite Juice | Grapefruit
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Boulevardier
Favourite Part of the Job | The people that I work with.
Favourite After Work Drink | Beer and whiskey
Favourite at Home Drink | Beer and whiskey
Favourite bar in the world | Le Mal Necessaire (Montreal)
Best known for | My healthy appetite
Best story from behind the wood | I’ve seen some shit

What do you collect? Books
Favourite thing about your city? The small town feel and tight community.
What was the last photo that you took? My last fishing trip.
Where was your last vacation? Camping in the mountains
Any claims to fame? Being a part of Milk Tiger when we were named a Top 30 Bar in the World. Oh, and I won a hot dog eating competition one time.

Belt or suspenders? Belt
Fernet or Cynar? Fernet
New Orleans or New York City? New Orleans
Glass or Tin? Tin

Are you available for freelance gigs? Why not