Katie Shewen

Katie Shewen | Bartender Atlas

Who | Katie Shewen
Where | Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Current Bar | Miijidaa Cafe and Bistro
Past Bar(s) | Elora Diner, Badley Bar, The Porch LightEarth to Table: Bread Bar (Guelph), The Oddfellows & Speakeasy (Exeter, UK), Harry’s Grill Bar (Exeter, UK), OX (Guelph, Ontario), 39 Carden Street (Guelph, Ontario)
Favourite Spirit | Depends on my mood > top 3: Bourbon, Tequila, Absinthe
Favourite Juice | Lemon
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Sazerac > 1/2 Rye, 1/2 Cognac
Favourite Part of the Job | Creativity
Favourite After Work Drink | Cider (proper cider)
Favourite at Home Drink | Bourbon on the rocks
Favourite bar in the world | Down the Street (Stratford, Ontario) – it doesn’t exist anymore but it’s still my number one for so many reasons.
Best known for | My nerdy love of all things bar
Best story from behind the wood | Hitting my head so hard once with a shaker that I got a huge welt. It was a tiny bar and I did the whole moving your arms where you’re looking stearing wheel thing…. let’s just say I’m clumsy, you don’t see me doing much flair.

What do you collect? Bartending books, knowledge and spirits, cool glassware
Favourite thing about your city?The Community, I’m currently in Elora but I love the whole of Wellington County and the willingness of people to expand their drink knowledge and experiences. The people who live here have a lot of pride for the community. It’s also a very artistic and local centric community, great music, art, food.
What was the last photo that you took? It was of our feature burger at work today, beef & pork patty with BBQ Sauce, smoked cheddar, roasted onions…
Where was your last vacation? England (London, Bristol, Exeter)
Any claims to fame? I used to be able to balance a pencil in my chin crease. It was my goal to learn how to write my name with it and go on David Letterman’s stupid human tricks…. never made it. Bar wise, I was top bartender for the Exeter Bartender League in 2011/2012 and a Member of the Southwest Bartending Fraternity. Currently, I write the Cocktail Hour back page article for local magazine Toque.

Red or White? White – Riesling at the moment but this is ever changing.
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Cointreau, it’s a great shot on its own or with one ice cube. I also love using it in cocktails. But I don’t have anything against Grand Marnier either.
London or Paris? London 100%
Glass or Tin? Glass

Are you available for freelance gigs? Potentially
Find them: Instagram