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Who | Kelsey Ramage
Where | Vancouver, Canada / London, Europe
Current Bar | Trash Tiki Pop-up
Past Bar(s) | Dandelyan in London and previously The Oakwood in Vancouver
Favourite Spirit | Rum and Tequila (yes I get two)
Favourite Juice | You drink the juice, I’ll take the pulp.
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Three Dots & a Dash (right now). Changes daily.
Favourite Part of the Job | Flying by the seat of our pants!! At Trash Tiki we don’t get to try our ingredients until about 24-36 hours before the pop-up starts! This means a few things- we get to see how one fruit (grapefruit has been the most obvious so far) changes from place to place but also how one thing ALWAYS gets fucked up. Its figuring it out on the fly and making it work that is the fun bit. Then we usually get blasting busy and tell the story to guests about how this particular pop-up came to life.
Favourite After Work Drink | Beer and a shot
Favourite at Home Drink | Beer and a Mezcal/Tequila/Whisky
Favourite bar in the world | Sun Tavern (London)
Best known for | Playing loud punk music and making you drinks out of garbage 🙂
Best story from behind the wood | I guess the first one that comes up didn’t actually happen to me but to a friend of mine. He was working as an actor (shocking I know), and was getting a festival off the ground. It was a quiet night and a guy walked in and had dinner alone, was travelling on business even though this bar was a bit of a destination spot. They got to talking about the festival and life in general. When the man left he had left exactly the amount that the bartender needed to get his festival off the ground. Was a big sum, and we never saw him again.

What do you collect? So typical but Tiki Mugs – we had to send a very large very expensive box back to Canada when we left London. Also PEZ dispensers, I have no reason or excuse for this.
Favourite thing about your city? Which city? London – So many new bars opening. There’s always something to go check out. Vancouver – So much to do. There’s great bars, the beer scene is crazy and its a 20 minute drive just outside the city if you want ocean/mountains/hikes.
What was the last photo that you took? The last photo was of a punk bar in Madrid. In each city we go to we try to find one Tiki bar and one punk bar. Madrid had both.
Where was your last vacation? Madrid
Any claims to fame? Won Altos Tahona Society Global competition 2016, that was mega. We also did a mega pop-up during Paris’ Cocktails & Spirits with Dirty Dick to kick off the tour.

Red or White? Both
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? We actually make our own curacao which is awesome and we use for everything. Check the recipe.
London or Paris? Like them both. London is more home though. Paris is amazing and has a real cool cozy vibe about it. Plus some really fucking good bars.
Glass or Tin? Tin

Are you available for freelance gigs? My life is a freelance gig.
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