Lauren Mote

Who | Lauren Mote
Where | Vancouver, Canada
Current Work | Bittered Sling, Four Seasons, World Class
Past Bar(s) | Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar, The Refinery, Chow Restaurant, Goldfish, Lumiere, Le Select Bistro
Favourite Spirit | Gin
Favourite Juice | Grapefruit
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Negroni
Favourite Part of the Job | Creativity, Hospitality & Mentorship programming
Favourite After Work Drink | Boiler Maker
Favourite at Home Drink | Gin Martini
Favourite bar in the world | Lost Lake (Chicago)
Best known for | Modern tiki
Best story from behind the wood | How a tenured professor and doctorate becomes a bartender.

What do you collect? Bottles, Airmiles and stamps
Favourite thing about your city? Vancouver makes you feel like you’re on vacation in paradise every single day.
What was the last photo that you took? Of Jonathan carrying boxes of bitters to the post office to distribute around the world.
Where was your last vacation? Cognac, France
Any claims to fame? Chartreuse Milkshake – LOL. But for real, I have mentored a lot of young bartenders and hospitality professionals that have moved on to very prestigious positions in various bars and restaurants in Vancouver/Canada. I’m so proud to have played a part in that. I have been honoured to win many awards, but the highlights are definitely Vancouver Magazine Bartender of the Year, World Class Canada Bartender of the Year (First Woman!), Tales of the Cocktail “Dames” Induction into the Hall of Fame (First Canadian!).

Belt or suspenders? Belt – Suspenders looks silly on women (IT’s the chest area, doesn’t like suspenders).
Fernet or Cynar? Fernet
New Orleans or New York City? Both – I cannot make a choice – they’re so different and I love them both, therefore I refuse to choose.
Glass or Tin? Glass for mixing, tin for shaking, not the other way around. I love tin on tin shakers.

Are you available for freelance gigs? Always, it’s my job title and position in the world now.
Find her: Bittered Sling | Twitter | Instagram
Media: There are many, but one of the coolest is The World Class 2015 Global Finals TV Show, that I played a part in. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn_Ja4bwNBA

Also – The global premier “Sneak Preview” of The Martini Celebration, which I was honoured to share the screen with a dozen of the best bartenders and story tellers in the world https://vimeo.com/166191056/53a2e89e66