Lingjie Xue

Lingjie Xue | Bartender Atlas

Who | Lingjie Xue
Where | Dartmouth/Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Current Bar | Dear Friend Bar
Past Bar(s) | Bar Propaganda (Tokyo, Japan)
Favourite Spirit | Tequila
Favourite Juice | Grapefruit
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Margarita
Favourite Part of the Job | Talking to guests, sharing culture. Bring my own culture and creativity into cocktails.
Favourite After Work Drink | Campari soda
Favourite at Home Drink | Chilled sake
Favourite bar in the world | Double Chicken Please (NYC)
Best known for | Selling the most Patron Tequila shots in whole province
Favourite “at work” memory | Dear Friend has a back patio which is open during the summer time. One night, the patio was full and I was vibing with all the guests who were back there. The whole energy and flow was super good. So every guest ordered a tequila shot, cheered and drank together.

What do you collect? Magnets, sneakers
Favourite thing about your city? People are so nice; community vibe. People help and support small businesses
What was the last photo that you took? My bar manger holding a huge tomato at the farm
Where is one place that you have never been but would like to travel to? Colombia

Prosecco or Cava? Prosecco
Angostura or Peychaud’s? Angostura
Singapore or San Francisco? Singapore
Grapefruit or Pineapple? Pineapple

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes
Find them: Instagram