Morgan Beveridge

Morgan Beveridge | Bartender Atlas

Who | Morgan Beveridge
Where | TorontoCanada
Current Bar | Simpl Things, Ahma, Love of Cocktails, Freelance
Past Bar(s) | Speakeasy 21, The Tilted Kilt, Belfast LoveWalrus Pub & Beer HallA ToiHarbour 60The Parlour, Air Canada Signature Club, Le Phenix
Favourite Spirit | Whisk(e)y
Favourite Juice | My original entry was Tim Hortons Peach drink, since then the refined pallet that I inherited from the “Spiral, Mobile Home Park” has developed and I am going to say Aloe Juice this time!  Evelyn put me on that.  Or plum juice.  People need to be using more plum juice.
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Toronto
Favourite Part of the Job | One of the things that truly resonates with me is working with people from all different career and social backgrounds, who’ve been told that their potential is limited. But lo and behold, they find their calling in the service industry, and it’s almost like discovering a sanctuary. I find it truly remarkable how some people are inherently driven to defy expectations when they’re given the right guidance. It’s a fantastic feeling to witness them embracing their successes, proving all those skeptics wrong. But here’s the kicker – they don’t stop there. They pay it forward by teaching others how to not just match, but surpass their own accomplishments. For me, these moments encapsulate the very essence of why I love this industry.
Favourite After Work Drink | I usually have a gallon of water and a joint
Favourite at Home Drink | We drink a lot of highballs over here. We’ve got this amusing routine where my boyfriend dives into my collection of odd bottles and whips up some unique concoctions for me.  He’s a plumber, so I snake the drains in return.
Favourite bar in the world | I really enjoyed the Power Plant Live in Baltimore. It had multiple concepts that were somehow seamlessly tied together.  I still think of that bar as I update this profile haha.  I reeeeealllly want to get out to Raised By Wolves in San Diego though.  It looks like a Tardis and I’m so about it.
Best known for | Thriving in high volume settings, harassing Fat Joe to give me his job as Global Hpnotiq Ambassador.  Being relentless about doing the right thing the right way all the time, always. Convincing people to eat/drink mushrooms.
Favourite “at work” memory | When the lights go up after another year of forgetting we must serve that extra hour when the clocks go back for daylight savings.. every year.. OH MY GOD I JUST HAD FLASH BACKS. 2023 Morgan here.. Buck-a-Shuck over at Le Phenix was always my favourite night of the week to work, the crew was killer and it was always busy.  Every night I worked with Grace Haupt (she’s at Parlour these days).  When the Raptors won and the TV’s shut off and we all thought we were going to die.  Or when the power went out and we had summer vacation for 3 days but were still on call “just in case”.

What do you collect? Offensive/silly t-shirts and coffee mugs.  I also play a lot of OSRS these days so for the most part I’m collecting XP…..
Favourite thing about your city?  What I absolutely love is the spirit of resilience that runs through the people who are in this thing like we’re in this thing. Looking ahead, I’m genuinely excited about a future where everyone in our industry and our city acknowledges each other’s hard work. You know, the whole rising tide raises all ships. There’s power in numbers and everyone can continue looking outward and continue pushing for what’s next. Toronto is incredible, and I’m stoked about pushing the boundaries. We’re in this together, and we’re taking our city.
What was the last photo that you took? A photo of my bottle pocket in my new fanny pack that I sent to Malik.
Where was last place you traveled? Squamish

Lager or IPA? Sour IPA
Sparkling or Flat? Sparkling
Miami or Mexico City? Mexico City
Olive or Twist? twist with orange bitters plz

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes!
Find them: Instagram