Ryan Zaroski

Ryan Zaroski | Bartender Atlas

Who | Ryan Zaroski
Where | Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Current Bar | The Ranch 2.0
Past Bar(s) | Tribeca, The Kee
Favourite Spirit | Scotch Whisky
Favourite Juice | Pineapple
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Old Fashioned
Favourite Part of the Job | Banter with someone that’s interested in learning more about their drink or spirits
Favourite After Work Drink | Scotch whisky neat
Favourite at Home Drink | Scotch whisky neat
Favourite bar in the world | Tied for favourite: Carnaval Court & Fuel Bar (both Las Vegas)
Best known for | Brutal honesty and quick wit
Favourite “at work” memory | Too many to choose from. Reactions to me breathing fire is up there though!

What do you collect? Memories of all the different scotch whiskies I’ve tried, including when and where. I try to remember them all, at least…
Favourite thing about your city? Big enough to offer all I need, but it’s not too large.
What was the last photo that you took? Probably a picture of some whisky…
Where was last place you traveled? Las Vegas
Any claims to fame? Won Jägertender Of The Year for all of Canada. Won a trip to Amsterdam including 4 days at the Bols Academy. Got quite well known around here for my fire breathing…

Lager or IPA? Lager
Sparkling or Flat? Sparkling
Miami or Mexico City? Miami
Olive or Twist? Twist

Are you available for freelance gigs? Yes
Find him: Instagram