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Who | Shane Beehan
Where | Halifax, Canada
Current Bar | Lot Six
Past Bar(s) | Field Guide, The Drawing Room
Favourite Spirit | Just one? Anything Agave, but partial to Mezcal.
Favourite Juice | Fresh pressed Grapefruit
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Suffering Bastard if I have to choose. But honestly, I don’t have a favourite anything.
Favourite Part of the Job | Hosting Guests. I am proud to be an ambassador for my city and host strangers from afar and offer them a small portrait into my small part of the world. Guest interaction is my driving force behind the bar, to ensure that each and every experience is detailed and the individual leaves happier than they came.
Favourite After Work Drink | Shot of Irish Whisky
Favourite at Home Drink | Whiskey, Soda, Bitters
Favourite bar in the world | Phil’s Shed in Fogo Island, Newfoundland
Best known for | For being a bartender.
Best story from behind the wood | I was working a very busy Friday night when a few of my closest friends and brother came in to see me. I didn’t know, but they orchestrated this whole event and they kidnapped me and drove me to Maine. It was a huge surprise and I went from shaking and stirring like a madman on Friday night to climbing the highest peak in Maine a few hours later. To be stolen from your own bar is a very memorable experience.

What do you collect? Books and Glassware. I have roughly 1500 books and I’ve never counted glassware, but I could host a few parties if you know what I mean.
Favourite thing about your city? Being on the ocean. The ocean is the ultimate healer; something about saltwater that just eases away any stress or pain, physically or mentally. Being minutes from the Atlantic Ocean is something I truly cherish.
What was the last photo that you took? Probably a selfie with my dog. I take a few a day to be honest but I don’t tell people.
Where was your last vacation? Cuba! With the Canadian Cantinero’s and Havana Club.
Any claims to fame? I’ve participated in many National cocktail competitions, including back-to-back World Class Canada finalist, back-to-back and runner-up of Bacardi Legacy Canada and I won the 2015 Disaronno mixing star. I had a cocktail published in the Field Guide to Canadian cocktails, a book put out by Random House a few years ago. I’ve been voted Best Bartender in Halifax 3 years running. I hate talking about achievements or any sort of “fame” but these events certainly helped shape my bartending world and offered me once in a lifetime opportunities to travel and meet extraordinary people.

Red or White? Rosé
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Grand Marnier
London or Paris? Spain
Glass or Tin? TIN FOR THE WIN

Are you available for freelance gigs? Always.
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