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Who | Thomas Egan
Where | AdelaideAustralia
Current Bar | M Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
Past Bar(s) | Thrift Shop Bar (Adelaide), New Gold Mountain (Melbourne), Prahran Hotel (Melbourne),  Fumo Blu, Hotel Tivoli
Favourite Spirit | Gin with a passion for Whisky
Favourite Juice | Fresh Fuji Apple
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Martini, Daiquiri, Sazerac
Favourite Part of the Job | Cocktails for everybody!
Favourite After Work Drink | Colonial IPA and/or Bourbon
Favourite at Home Drink | Kentucky Tea or Gin with a Twist
Favourite bar in the world | Banker’s Bar (Barcelona)
Best known for | Cocktails
Best story from behind the wood | My last night at New Gold was hectic. Massive service, a collection of signed polaroids, a bottle of bourbon and one hell of an evening was a sure-fire way to send me off. Shout out to the Golden Trapezoid.

What do you collect? Anything I can afford. Duty free is the death of me. I always check the liqueurs section of old pubs and country bottle shops for an old Chartreuse – best find was a 6 YO Yellow and a Zen Green Tea!
Favourite thing about your city? Going bonkers in Honkers. This city has everything but especially world-class bars
What was the last photo that you took? The incredible wall of spirits at a Brazilian/Japanese fusion restaurant. Well hello whiskydesu
Where was your last vacation? Domestic: Torquay. International: Thailand
Any claims to fame? Top 5 in Australia for Moutai Baijiu Enter the Dragon and Southern Comfort Southern Showdown, and a few state comps.

Red or White? South Australian Reds, Bourgogne Whites
Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Grand Marnier stirred, Cointreau shaken, or either neat over ice
London or Paris? Por que no las dos?
Glass or Tin? Stirred in the glass, shaken or thrown in tins

Are you available for freelance gigs? Not at the moment, but I will be back in Adelaide by January!
Find him: Instagram

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