Tom Weihmayr

Tom WeihmayrWho | Tom Weihmayr
Where | Toronto, Canada
Current Bar | The Old Mill
Past Bar(s) | Sooooo many…
Favourite Spirit | Craft beer
Favourite Juice | Pineapple
Favourite Classic Cocktail | Smoked Manhattan
Favourite Part of the Job | Living vicariously through my guests
Favourite After Work Drink | BlackFly Tequila Cooler
Favourite at Home Drink | Spicy and creative Caesars
Favourite bar in the world | Library Bar (Royal York Hotel, Toronto)
Best known for | Speaking 4 languages
Best story from behind the wood | Listening to people talk about you in one of those 4 languages…amazing stuff. Also, the $100+-tip customers…you NEVER forget those!

What do you collect? Corks, photos, beauty generally!
Favourite thing about your city? It is right next to Lake Ontario and everything is within walking distance
What was the last photo that you took? My kids and I on a sunny afternoon poolside.
Where was your last vacation? Munich, Germany
Any claims to fame? Soooo many (not really)

Belt or suspenders? Belt
Fernet or Cynar? Fernet
New Orleans or New York City? New York
Glass or Tin? Tin and Boston Glass together (of course)

Are you available for freelance gigs? Is the Pope Argentinian?!