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Cocktail: Tropical Sunset | Bartender: Raj Rijhwani

This drink is a “skinny and bitter” homage to the Piña Colada… how my sister is to me haha, just kidding sis lol but yes, it is light, approachable, crushable and delicious! 1oz Dillon’s Maison Selby Pineapple Honey Gin 1oz Aperol 0.75oz Lime juice 0.5oz Coconut syrup 2 drops 20% saline solution Shake with ice;…

Cocktail: Kickstart Martini | Bartender: James Grant

I created this cocktail as part of the 2021 Ketel One Hive initiative, which challenged bartenders to develop a cocktail that benefitted their community. My response was to create Raise a Glass. This initiative works to raise awareness and support for Homeward Trust and Find, two organizations that work to help those in Edmonton who…

Cocktail: The Ozark Beauty | Bartender: Raj Rijhwani

A summery, refreshing take on a Caipiroska loaded with strawberries, honey, lemon, ginger and black pepper. This drink can almost cure you of scurvy or any ails that you may have. 2oz Dillon’s vodka 1oz Strawberry Ginger Shrub* 0.25oz lemon juice 2 strawberries Shake all the ingredients with ice and strain in a rocks glass…

Cocktail: Lady Marie | Bartender: Gioacchino Sorrentino

We all want a better sustainable planet, so why not have a better sustainable cocktail? I’ve created this cocktail by minimising the cost and waste with an increasing taste. Why waste a product when you can reuse it? A simple but tasteful and beautiful cocktail without damaging the planet. I used fresh ingredients harvested from…

Cocktail: La Cáscara | Bartender: Liz Furlong

While I was imagining a cocktail appropriate for my 24 Hour Bar shift which would be a 6am cocktail hour, I kept thinking of an espresso martini as it would showcase one of Costa Rica’s most famous exports, coffee. In Monteverde where I’ll be doing my shift, not only is it easy to get amazing…

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