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Cocktail: Cassavetes

We at Bartender Atlas are so excited! About lots of things really. The skunks living in our back yard (so cute!), the upcoming Toronto Cocktail Conference and also, we’ve been invited to tour some distilleries in Italy! One of the distilleries we will be visiting (and one that I have spent a long time collecting…

Cocktail: Tetsuo | Bartender: Jermaine Carty

Aiming for a boozy nori-milkshake, this creation takes its name from your favourite anime, Akira. It’s a combination of some of my favourite ingredients. Rum and coconut milk make a lot of sense together. I love Lillet and its elegance. I love cardamom bitters because they’re dope and we all love nori. Its best friend…

Bar Hop Paris (Part One)

Paris is a great city. Period. It’s cute and historic and there are magnificent buildings that you recognize from every European history book and a ton of movies. People also talk about pastries and wine, which are both great too. Do you know what else Paris has? Killer cocktail bars. Lots of them. We visited…

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