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Cocktail: Tetsuo | Bartender: Jermaine Carty

Aiming for a boozy nori-milkshake, this creation takes its name from your favourite anime, Akira. It’s a combination of some of my favourite ingredients. Rum and coconut milk make a lot of sense together. I love Lillet and its elegance. I love cardamom bitters because they’re dope and we all love nori. Its best friend…

Cocktail: Miss Galaxy | Bartender: Alix Critchley

Inspired by one of my favourite classics, the “Pan American Clipper”… Now with Labneh. 1.5oz Calvados Apple Brandy 0.5oz Dolin Génépy 0.5oz Grenadine 0.25 Simple Syrup 0.75 Lime Juice 2 dash Angostura 1 heaping barspoon of Labneh Shake hard. Strain. Pour over ice. Lime wheel to garnish.

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