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Forty Creek Cocktails

We recently did an Instagram Live video with the North American Brand Ambassador of Forty Creek Whisky, Chris Thompson. During the Trade Talk, our Josh made cocktails using three Forty Creek whiskies. Below are those recipes. We wanted to offer cocktails that can easily be made at home that really showcase each of these spirits….

Cocktail: Cazador | Bartender: George Hunter

Cazador is my Surname in Spanish (Hunter). It is my winning Bacardi Legacy cocktail from South Africa. I will be going to the Globals in Miami end of April/beginning May with this drink. I created the cocktail with the intention of it becoming a drink that could be made around the world with it being…

Cocktail: Coastal Intuition | Bartender: Stéphane Duval

This cocktail was my submission for World Class 2020. It’s inspired by the Maritime lifestyle and the feeling of wonder and opportunity that I feel when overlooking the ocean. 2oz. (60ml) Oban 14 Yr Old Single Malt Scotch 0.5oz. (15ml) Dolin Blanc Vermouth 0.25oz. (7.5ml) Boulard Calvados 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml) Honey Syrup (2:1) Stir over…

Cocktail: Flip The Bird | Bartender: Thomas Yeo

The Jungle Bird is one of my favourite tiki cocktails and for the past few years I’ve been toying with the idea of a stirred or otherwise clear version without ever quite nailing it. With this reverse (or you might say flipped?) Jungle Bird highball I think I’ve finally got the concept where I want…

Cocktail: Cassy’s Negroni | Bartender: Cedrick Foley

I wanted to create a more approachable version of the Negroni for the folks who aren’t used to bitter flavoured drinks. A transition from fruity cocktails towards the more classically flavoured, spirit forward and sometimes bitter classics. 1 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin 0.75 oz St Petroni Sweet Vermouth 0.5 oz Campari 0.25 oz Gabriel Boudier…

Cocktail: Back to Classic | Bartender: Elie Elias

This cocktail is made with the traditional Lebanese spirit Arak. The idea behind the cocktail is to take the Lebanese bar back a little to the old days using the classic Lebanese alcoholic spirit. Thus the name “Back to Classic”. 3 cl Beetroot Infused Arak* 1.5 cl Homemade Hibiscus Syrup** 1.5 cl Rose Syrup 1…

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