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Cocktail: The Bee Line | Bartender: Sonny Wallace

I was recently exploring alternative garnish methods and thought to myself “Why not paint garnishes on the glass?”. So I visited an art supply store for the first time since getting my BFA in Art, and went to it! 1 oz. Brooklyn Gin 0.75 oz. Lemon Juice 0.5 oz. Pineapple/Lemon/Honey Syrup 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters…

Cocktail: Sanddorn Daiquiri | Bartender: Timo Merten

I created this cocktail specifically for my mother’s birthday party – most of the people there would usually drink beer or wine so I tried to give them an easy way into the cocktail world with a classic daiquiri with a regional character. The Sanddorn is a small orange fruit, smaller than a blueberry, that…

Cocktail: All for One | Bartender: Sourav Singh

Bacardi has a legacy in the long fight for Cuba. The ideals of the Cuban Revolution and the unity of the people of different colour, status, cast and creed to achieve a free Cuba is what inspired me to create my cocktail named All For One. Don Facundo Bacardi Masso’s grandson Emilio also truly influenced me….

Cocktail: Kiss at Midnight | Bartender: Mark Cooney

Inspired by snowy nights on New Year’s Eve and the idea of bringing in a fresh start. 1.5 oz Squid Ink Plymouth gin 0.5 oz Rosehip and Black Currant Syrup 0.25 oz Lime Juice 0.5 oz Sparkling Brut Rosé Campari foam Combine all ingredients in tin except Sparkling. Shake with 1×1 ice. Double strain into…

Cocktail: Cucumber Cooler | Bartender: Massimiliano Terrile

Homemade pickled cucumber, Lychee conserve, fresh press clear cucumber water… a mix and match of sweet and savoury. A fresh combination designed for the last splash of summer. 35ml clarify cucumber water 35ml Lychee conserve liq. 35ml London dry Gin Crush ice Combine all ingredients in a collins glass and then fill with crushed ice….

Cocktail: Flor De Amor | Bartender: Sagar Sareen

The rise of Venetians created by blending Tequila Blanco and Cadello. Cadello is a new spirit made by blending star anise, cocoa, chocolate, coffee with hints of toffee, hazelnut, mint. 3-4 lime slices 15 ml Cadello 30 ml Tequila Blanco 60 ml Pomegranate Juice 30 ml Mint Ginger & Honey Syrup Muddle lime slices. Shake…

Cocktail: NEMO | Bartender: Trinh Quan Huy-Philip

Inspired by the fusion concept, NEMO is developed by a combination between the Negroni and the Mojito through a mistake. This drink is to give a message that you need to go through and fix your mistake rather than just walk away. Furthermore, you should try your best to transform it into something useful and…

Cocktail: Joselito | Bartender: Erin Rose

Fuelled by caña and spicing up any festivity, our Joselito takes its name and spirit from the legendary reveller of the Barranquilla carnaval here in Colombia. During Carnaval, Joselito dances and drinks for three days without returning home to so much as change his underwear. When he finally collapses from exhaustion, the people sew him…

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