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Drink Trends 2019: Spaggle It!

The best ideas often come from the most unexpected moments. The term “Spaggle” came from exactly one of those moments in time. A casual few words said from one bartender to another: Spaggle it! And when said aloud, we suddenly realised that we have fallen on what could be one of the greatest drink trends…

Cocktail: Egg Nogotomi | Bartender: Joe Nicol

Die Hard is the best Christmas movie and it needed to be represented on the cocktail menu. 1 qt of traditional Creme Anglais 10 whipped egg whites (whipped until extra fluffy) 4oz Wild Turkey 81 2oz Borghetti Fold all ingredients together and store in two qt containers. Pour to order. Top with cinnamon/cacao powder.

Cocktail: El Padre | Bartender: Ian Miller

El Padre is a story about Struggle, Growth, Family and Community—it’s a story about all of us. The beginning of my bartending career was not one of the highlights of my life. I had just unexpectedly found out I was going to be a dad, had to quit my pursuit of a football career and…

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