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Cocktail: Joselito | Bartender: Erin Rose

Fuelled by caña and spicing up any festivity, our Joselito takes its name and spirit from the legendary reveller of the Barranquilla carnaval here in Colombia. During Carnaval, Joselito dances and drinks for three days without returning home to so much as change his underwear. When he finally collapses from exhaustion, the people sew him…

Cocktail: Eviva | Bartender: Christos Tirzlakis

Eviva means life… We usually use this word to celebrate life while we raise our glasses in every special occasion accompanied by Zivania. “Eviva 3” is our “Modern National drink of Cyprus” based on local ingredients such as Zivania , that matches perfectly with Olives based on our tradition. With this highly impressing mix, I…

Cocktail: East of Eden | Bartender: Japhet Bower

The deadline for submissions for the Luxardo cocktail competition was fast approaching and I had no idea what I was going to do. I knew I wanted to use their Bitter Bianco but that was about it. I was making dinner one night and had some Ontario asparagus. As often happens, I ended up with a…

Cocktail: Black & Thorn Sour | Bartender: Thomas Egan

The Black & Thorn Sour is a non-traditional sour, stealing inspiration from my childhood penchant for pomegranate kleptomania. This was my entry into Southern Comfort’s 2018 Southern Showdown competition in Australia that got me to the national finals. The Black & Thorn Sour tips its hat to the Blackthorn sour, incorporating both Southern Comfort Black…

Cocktail: The Bel-View | Bartender: Kayla Douglas

Using my favourite vodka, Belvedere. I decided the spirit was my going to be my inspiration. The meaning behind belvedere is, in short form, a Fair View. I wanted a cocktail that reminds me of sitting on a deck on a beautiful spring day, something light, floral, and refreshing. With spring right around the corner…

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