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Bartending on the Beach! We interview 4 Beach Bartenders to Find out if it’s as Dreamy as we think

Awww the dream of a beach bar! As city dwellers, we dream of what it would be like to live at the beach all of the time. Sandy floors. Juicy cocktails. The sound of the ocean. Bar swings. We recently spent a month in one of our most favourite places in the world: Puerto Escondido...

A Visual Podcast (the reading kind) with Prairie Rose of the Bit By A Fox Podcast (the listening kind)

It was just over 18 months ago that I first heard the Bit By A Fox Podcast. Long time supporter of Bartender Atlas, and bartenders in general, Christine Sismondo was a guest and had drawn my attention to it. Throughout that episode I realized that the host, Prairie Rose, was not just doing this as...

From Vancouver to Cabo: The Hustle of Life and Embracing a New Country – An Interview with Danielle Tatarin

Cocktail culture doesn’t ever “just happen”. There are people and places that work tirelessly to build it. Someone has an idea and then they act on it, either alone or with help. That idea comes to fruition and it brings people together. Danielle Tatarin is one of those people. After moving from “Shooter Girl” to...

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