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Let’s Talk Non-Alcoholic Spirits

About 105 days ago my city of Toronto shut down. Three weeks prior we had been innocently touring distilleries in Northern Italy. We had kept up with the news of a Global Pandemic but all of it seemed so far away. Upon landing home from Italy, we learned of the outbreak there and then those...

Italian Spirits!

The depth and breadth of Italian made tipples is astounding. Of course when you think about drinking in Italy, most people will think of wine. However, last month The Italian Trade Commission and the people from The Spirit Of Italy sent a delegation of Canadian and American bartenders and writers and one photographer to Rome...

Drink Trends 2019: Spaggle It!

The best ideas often come from the most unexpected moments. The term “Spaggle” came from exactly one of those moments in time. A casual few words said from one bartender to another: Spaggle it! And when said aloud, we suddenly realised that we have fallen on what could be one of the greatest drink trends...

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