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Omri Nadan

Who | Omri NadanWhere | Tel Aviv, Israel, AsiaCurrent Bar | HaikuPast Bar(s) | Bell Boy Cocktail BarFavourite Spirit | MezcalFavourite Juice | Coca-colaFavourite Classic Cocktail | ManhattanFavourite Part of the Job | SmilesFavourite After Work Drink | BeerFavourite at Home Drink | Grand Mendoza de JerezFavourite bar in the world | Silon (Tel Aviv)Best…

Oron Lerner

Who | Oron LernerWhere | Tel Aviv, Israel, AsiaCurrent Bar | Imperial CraftPast Bar(s) | French57 (closed)Favourite Spirit | RumFavourite Juice | GrapefruitFavourite Classic Cocktail | MartinezFavourite Part of the Job | Making drinks for guestsFavourite After Work Drink | Neat rumFavourite at Home Drink | Neat rumFavourite bar in the world | –Best known for | Thats the kinda question you need to ask someone else about me.Favourite…

Georgi Revazishvili

Who | Georgi RevazishviliWhere | Tel Aviv, Israel, AsiaCurrent Bar | Silon BarPast Bar(s) | Geula Bar, Stelmach BarFavourite Spirit | GinFavourite Juice | PineappleFavourite Classic Cocktail | NegroniFavourite Part of the Job | Helping people have fun and take them always to new adventures with alcohol.Favourite After Work Drink | Extra cold beerFavourite at Home Drink | Red wineFavourite bar in the world | Paravoz Speak Easy (Kiev)…

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