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Matt Boyle

Who | Matt BoyleWhere | Halifax, CanadaCurrent Bar | Field Guide and The Clever BarkeepPast Bar(s) | The Bicycle Thief, Datsun (Ottawa), El Camino (Ottawa)Favourite Spirit | RumFavourite Juice | OrangeFavourite Classic Cocktail | Mai TaiFavourite Part of the Job | Creativity; creating something that someone hasn’t had before and opening the door to another spirit or style of drink.Favourite After Work Drink | WaterFavourite at Home Drink | CoffeeFavourite…

Evan McNeil

Who | Evan McNeilWhere | Halifax, CanadaCurrent Bar | Lot Six and Territory Manager of Atlantic Canada for Sovereign CanadaPast Bar(s) | The Middle Spoon/NobleFavourite Spirit | Whisk(e)y and MezcalFavourite Juice | The one that makes your drink tasty!Favourite Classic Cocktail | DaiquiriFavourite Part of the Job | Getting to be active and interact with othersFavourite After Work Drink | An ice cold OlandsFavourite at Home Drink | Boxing Rock Vicars Cross BeerFavourite bar…

Anne-Marie Bungay-Larose

Who | Anne-Marie Bungay-LaroseWhere | Dartmouth/Halifax, CanadaCurrent Bar |  The Watch That Ends The NightPast Bar(s) | The Middle Spoon and NobleFavourite Spirit | Every time I drink it, I am reminded, MezcalFavourite Juice | GrapefruitFavourite Classic Cocktail | To make: Old Fashioned. To Drink: MargaritaFavourite Part of the Job |That each day is different: Creating a cocktail on the fly for a…

Cooper Tardivel

Who | Cooper TardivelWhere | Halifax, CanadaCurrent Bar | Bar KismetPast Bar(s) | Hawksworth,  Mosaic (Halifax), Rogues Nightclub (Sydney)Favourite Spirit | RumFavourite Juice | Between Lemon or Lime, I choose Lime; but nothing beats fresh Pineapple juice.Favourite Classic Cocktail | MargaritaFavourite Part of the Job | Having engaging experiences with people I would not otherwise cross paths with, but for the magnificent fact that…

Jeffrey Van Horne

Who | Jeffrey Van HorneWhere | Halifax, CanadaCurrent Bar | Jeff’s barPast Bar(s) | Lot Six Favourite Spirit | GinFavourite Juice | LemonFavourite Classic Cocktail | Last WordFavourite Part of the Job | Hosting guests and providing an experience more than just food and drink.Favourite After Work Drink | BeerFavourite at Home Drink | Something stirredFavourite bar in the world | Attaboy (NYC)Best known for | Serving the highest quality…

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