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Andrew Gizzie

Who | Andrew Gizzie Where | Niagara, Canada Current Bar | Fallsview Casino Favourite Spirit | Gin Favourite Juice | Grapefruit Favourite Classic Cocktail | Negroni Favourite Part of the Job | Creating the perfect cocktail for the perfect occasion. Favourite After Work Drink | Dark beer and bitter amaro Favourite at Home Drink | Negroni Favourite bar in the world | BarChef (Toronto) Best known for | Anything…

Brad Bentley

Who | Brad Bentley Where | Toronto/Niagara Canada Current Bar | Mersey Cross Event Bar Co. Past Bar(s) | Oak Island, Crawford & 751 Favourite Spirit | Pisco Favourite Juice | Pineapple Favourite Classic Cocktail | Whiskey Sour Favourite Part of the Job | Learning about people. Favourite After Work Drink | Bourbon, neat Favourite at Home Drink | Coffee Favourite bar in the world | Whiskey & June (Atascadero, California)…

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