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Nacho Bustamante

Who | Nacho BustamanteWhere | Buenos Aires, Argentina, South AmericaCurrent Bar | Jimmy BPast Bar(s) | Mailo, Negroni, Closet, SantacolombaFavourite Spirit | WhiskeyFavourite Juice | AppleFavourite Classic Cocktail | ManhattanFavourite Part of the Job | Cocktail menu designFavourite After Work Drink | WhiskeyFavourite at Home Drink | WineFavourite bar in the world | SantacolombaBest known for…

Martin Chiesa

Who | Martin ChiesaWhere | Buenos Aires, Argentina, South AmericaCurrent Bar | Crystal BarPast Bar(s) | Negroni, Osaka, Napoles, Faena Library LoungeFavourite Spirit | GrappaFavourite Juice | LemonFavourite Classic Cocktail | GibsonFavourite Part of the Job | Being the MC of the barFavourite After Work Drink | BeerFavourite at Home Drink | WineFavourite bar in…

Marco Zolkwer

Who | Marco ZolkwerWhere | Buenos Aires, Argentina, South AmericaCurrent Bar | Narda ComedorPast Bar(s) | Florería AtlánticoFavourite Spirit | GinFavourite Juice | OrangeFavourite Classic Cocktail | Bloody MaryFavourite Part of the Job | My favourite part of the job is to get creative!Favourite After Work Drink | WhiskyFavourite at Home Drink | WineFavourite bar in the world | I don’t choose one yet :cBest known for | Smiling 😉Favourite “at…

Diego Anriquez

Who | Diego AnriquezWhere | Buenos Aires, Argentina, South AmericaCurrent Bar |  Frank’s BarPast Bar(s) |  MAD Bar,  Napoles BarFavourite Spirit | Scotch WhiskeyFavourite Juice | Fresh peach juiceFavourite Classic Cocktail | NegroniFavourite Part of the Job | I will make anything I can for the guestFavourite After Work Drink | Old FashionedFavourite at Home Drink | Tea and milkFavourite bar in the world | The…

Sabrina Traverso

Who | Sabrina TraversoWhere | Buenos Aires, ArgentinaCurrent Bar | LigneePast Bar(s) | Presidente BarFavourite Spirit | WhiskeyFavourite Juice | Sauco SauceFavourite Classic Cocktail | Old FashionedFavourite Part of the Job | Giving my clients the best experienceFavourite After Work Drink | PenicillinFavourite at Home Drink | Bloody MaryFavourite bar in the world | Doppelganger Bar (Buenos Aires, Argentina)Best known for | The perfect serviceFavourite “at work” memory | Remembering clients’ favourite drinks….

Nicolas Perez Cortez

Who | Nicolas Perez CortezWhere | Buenos Aires, Argentina, South AmericaCurrent Bar | Cocktail OriginsPast Bar(s) | MAD Bar, Verne Cocktail Club  The Mule Bar, Hoxley & Porter, The Winchester, Room 09, Red Luxury Bar, Merced 294, CasaBar, JahBar, Rey de Copas, Tips, Milcao, Bar Elemento (Chile), Ciudadano (Chile), Lamu Lounge, SOFA (Chile)Favourite Spirit | GinFavourite Juice | Fresh!Favourite Classic Cocktail |…

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