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Rasheedah Shaheed

Who | Rasheedah ShaheedWhere | Atlanta, Georgia, USACurrent Bar | Freelance/Mobile bartenderPast Bar(s) | Artmore HotelFavourite Spirit | BourbonFavourite Juice | PineappleFavourite Classic Cocktail | Old FashionedFavourite Part of the Job | Customer’s face when they let me freestyle their drinkFavourite After Work Drink | Jameson with PicklebackFavourite at Home Drink | Pinot NoirFavourite bar…

Elizabeth Ruhnke

Who | Elizabeth RuhnkeWhere | Atlanta, Georgia, USACurrent Bar | DonettoPast Bar(s) | Bully Boy, Little SpiritFavourite Spirit | MezcalFavourite Juice | GrapefruitFavourite Classic Cocktail | Paper PlaneFavourite Part of the Job | Creating moments and establishing relationships with guests. Taking care of people is why I love the hospitality industry.Favourite After Work Drink |…

M. Covert Payton

Who | M. Covert PaytonWhere | Atlanta, Georgia, USACurrent Bar | Black Swan TavernPast Bar(s) | Local Three, Cafe 33 (Marietta, GA), Drift (Marietta, GA), CanoeFavourite Spirit | BourbonFavourite Juice | NOT grapefruitFavourite Classic Cocktail | ManhattanFavourite Part of the Job | Taking care of guests, and making them feel that this is their greatest bar experience ever.Favourite After Work Drink | Negroni (out), Manhattan (in)Favourite at Home…

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