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Jonathan Stanyard

Who | Jonathan Stanyard Where | Seattle, USA Current Bar | Brother Barrel Past Bar(s) | Miller’s Guild, The Hedley Club (San Jose, CA), LB Steak (San Jose, CA) Favourite Spirit | Whisk(e)y Favourite Juice | Lime Favourite Classic Cocktail | Vieux Carre Favourite Part of the Job | Human Connection Favourite After Work Drink | Fernet Favourite at Home Drink | A Barrel Aged Cocktail Favourite bar…

Chris Elford

Who | Chris Elford Where | Seattle, USA Current Bar | No Anchor and Navy Strength Past Bar(s) | Saison (Richmond,VA), Amor Y Amargo (NYC), Proletariat (NYC), Canon (Seattle), Rob Roy (Seattle) Favourite Spirit | Old Grand Dad Bonded has been my go-to for 15 years now Favourite Juice | Turmeric! Favourite Classic Cocktail | Sazerac with a Daiquiri back Favourite Part of the Job | Hot eats…

Lauren Darnell

Who | Lauren Darnell Where | Seattle, USA Current Bar | The Hideout Past Bar(s) | Lark Favourite Spirit | Mezcal Favourite Juice | Mezcal Favourite Classic Cocktail | Bijou Favourite Part of the Job | Creative making drinks Favourite After Work Drink | Shot of mezcal with mole bitters Favourite at Home Drink | Rum on the rocks Favourite bar in the world | Rumba (Seattle) Best known for…

Elisabeth “Biz” Dingivan

Who | Elisabeth “Biz” Dingivan Where | Seattle, USA Current Bar | Barnacle Past Bar(s) | Outlier, Circadia, Witness, Rocco’s, Tavern Law Favourite Spirit | Agave (Tequila / Mezcal) Favourite Juice | Lime? Favourite Classic Cocktail | De La Louisianne Favourite Part of the Job | Service Well, Saturday Night. Let’s go. Favourite After Work Drink | Shot of tequila, glass of bubbles Favourite at Home Drink | White or…

Rocky Yeh

Who | Rocky Yeh Where | Seattle, USA and my luggage Current Bar | None Past Bar(s) | Vessel Favourite Spirit | Rum Favourite Juice | Tomato Favourite Classic Cocktail | Daiquiri Favourite Part of the Job | People Favourite After Work Drink | Something tall, cold, and fizzy. Favourite at Home Drink | Martini Favourite bar in the world | CopperBay (Paris) Best known for | Their team Best story from behind…

Jacyara de Oliveira

Who | Jacyara de Oliveira Where | Seattle, USA Current Bar | Rob Roy Past Bar(s) |Sportsman’s Club Nico Osterua, Belly Q, Perennial Virant, The Drawing Room Favourite Spirit | Bourbon Favourite Juice | Orange Favourite Classic Cocktail | Bamboo Favourite Part of the Job | Saying hello to everyone that walks in the door. Favourite After Work Drink | Open vermouth Favourite at Home Drink | Open…

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