Cocktail Classes

Cocktail Classes at home! Learn to make cocktails by bringing the bartender experience directly to you.

As this global pandemic continues, everyone is looking for creative and fun ways to spend time with friends and family – even if it’s through a computer screen. Virtual Cocktail Classes are a great way to not only learn to make cocktails but to also learn about spirits and the history of cocktails. Plus, they are just a great excuse to get together with friends! These classes are perfect for work parties, getting together with friends or any sort of celebration. The classes are fun and interactive – all from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Cocktail Classes | Bartender Atlas

Each cocktail class takes place on Zoom over the span of 1 to 1.5 hours. Throughout that time, you will make three classic cocktails: one built, one shaken and one stirred cocktail. Before the class, you will receive a shopping list of all required ingredients and bar tools (with alternatives that are everyday kitchen utensils!). The cocktail class can include up to 500 screens – the more friends and family you invite, the more fun can be had! These classes are also great for corporate parties in this pandemic world. You choose the bartender that you would like to teach the class from one of our available bartenders located around the world. Learn from someone local to you or someone in another country! After the class you will receive a PDF containing the recipes that you made.

We give you the option to choose the bartender that teaches your class – either one located more local to you or one residing on the other side of the world! Below are all of the bartenders that are currently available to teach these classes.



I have had the delight of experiencing not one, but TWO fantastic events with Bartender Atlas. The first event was early on in COVID to celebrate a family birthday party. Our family is spread out between Canada and the US, and this was the first time that we decided to try a virtual event so that we could include everyone. 

Once I had selected the drinks, he sent a detailed shopping list for everyone. He also included necessary equipment, and accessible alternatives as well, no need to buy fancy cocktail tools. The drink-making was fun, easy, and delicious. The highlight for us was Josh’s nerdy passion for his work, as our drink-making was interspersed with cocktail histories and legends and science. We definitely developed an interest in continuing home cocktails by the end, and he was great at answering questions like how to maintain a simple home library or “I have this weird spirit I got as a gift, what should I do with this?”  It was such a fun family party that I hired him again a few weeks later to do a work event for our company, where we again had folks spread out across the USA. This was a bigger group with different tastes, and he crafted a different menu which was just as much of a crowd pleaser.

Overall, the experience was top-notch: drinks, education, and entertainment. This was an excellent virtual experience, an awesome option for distributed families and work teams, even in a post-COVID world. And bonus points for inclusivity…nobody has to be the designated driver!” – Katie in Chicago
“I reached out to Bartender Atlas when the Zoom hangouts with my friends in other countries needed some variety.  They were able to come up with a set of fun, new cocktails with reasonable, accessible ingredients that we’ve since turned into household staples. Josh was entertaining and patient as he led us through the process of crafting the drinks, and had plenty of great anecdotes to share. We had an excellent time, learned a bunch, tasted new and interesting drinks, and got kinda tipsy. It was perfect.  We’ve booked another evening and can’t recommend Bartender Atlas enough.” – Graeme in Toronto


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A Note About Bar Tools
It is not necessary for you and your friends to have actual bar tools for these classes. We will offer suggested alternatives to everyday kitchen utensils. However, if you would like to purchase your own tools, our friends below have kindly offered you a discount.

The Crafty Bartender – 15% off their Thirsty Camel Barware line (online orders only) by using the coupon code BACC15

Cocktail Emporium – 15% off their Potion House Collection (online orders only) by using the coupon code ATLAS15.

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